Jaeger Persistent Storage With Elasticsearch, Cassandra & Kafka

Running systems in production involves requirements for high availability, resilience and recovery from failure. When running cloud native applications this becomes even more critical, as the base assumption in such environments is that compute nodes will suffer outages, Kubernetes nodes will go down and microservices instances are likely to fail, yet the service is expected to remain up and running.


AI in telecom: an overview for data scientists

I have seen many junior data scientists and machine learning engineers start a new job or a consulting engagement for a telecom company coming from different industries and thinking that it’s yet another project like many others. What they usually don’t know is that “It’s a trap!”. I spent several years forging telecom data into valuable insights, and looking back, there are a couple of things I would have loved to know at the beginning of my journey.


Real-time monitoring of Formula 1 telemetry data on Kubernetes with Grafana, Apache Kafka, and Strimzi

Data streaming is important for getting insights in real time and reacting to events as fast as possible. Its application is wide, from banking transactions and website click analytics to IoT devices and motorsports. The last example represents a really interesting use case.


Kafka to Splunk: Data mesh for security & IT

Splunk is a technology that made processing huge volumes and complex datasets accessible to security and IT teams. Despite its strengths for monitoring and investigation, Splunk is a bit of a one-way street. Once it's in Splunk, it's not that easy to stream the data elsewhere in great volume. And it doesn’t mean it’s the best technology for all IT and Security use cases. Or the cheapest.


How to configure clients to connect to Apache Kafka Clusters securely - Part 3: PAM authentication

In the previous posts in this series, we have discussed Kerberos and LDAP authentication for Kafka. In this post, we will look into how to configure a Kafka cluster to use a PAM backend instead of an LDAP one. The examples shown here will highlight the authentication-related properties in bold font to differentiate them from other required security properties, as in the example below. TLS is assumed to be enabled for the Apache Kafka cluster, as it should be for every secure cluster.


AWS Reinvent: Apache Kafka takeaways

If anyone's ever been to AWS ReInvent in Vegas before, you'll know it's a crazy ride. This year we missed out (at least we have cleaner consciences and healthier wallets). But the high quality of content hadn't changed. We've been binging on sessions ‘til the bitter end (it officially ended Friday). So for our community, here is a summary of a few talks related to Apache Kafka.


Kafka Total Cost of Ownership: What are you missing?

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months” said Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. Due to COVID-19, digital transformation roadmaps have been deleted, redrafted, doubled down and accelerated by up to a decade. Traditional companies are moving by osmosis towards streaming technologies such as Apache Kafka to kick off new digital services. But how much should it cost to experience 2030 in 2021?


Kafka infrastructure, monitoring, data - Which is your priority?

At the heart of Kafka is real-time data. With data at the center of any Kafka environment, it should be the area that gets the most attention, but typically it gets the least. This happens because we see most organizations split their Kafka efforts into three areas: infrastructure, monitoring, and data operations.


Considerations when moving your Apache Kafka to the cloud

Are you running your organization's Apache Kafka on-premise? If you are and you’re still reading this article, it’s more than likely that Kafka is or will be a keystone of your data infrastructure. But it’s also likely your teams are tired of the cost and complexity required to scale it, meaning your honeymoon with Kafka is coming to an end. So what does the imminent migration mean?