The Future Is Now; ARM's AARCH64 on the Rise - with Instana

AARCH64, sometimes also referred to as ARM64, is a CPU architecture developed by ARM Ltd., and a 64-bit extension of the pre-existing ARM architecture, starting from ARMv8-A. ARM architectures are primarily known for their energy efficiency and low power consumption. For that reason, virtually all mobile phones and tablets today use ARM architecture-based CPUs.


Open Source Confessions From a Proprietary Software User

Sometimes I feel like I’m in my first Open Source Anonymous meeting. Hi, my name is Chris Lentricchia, and I haven’t used open source software for six months. I’m 27, and Instana is my first proprietary software company. After working my entire career in open source, it’s pretty surreal. I started at Red Hat, which was also “born” in 1993, where I oversaw an array of technologies, from Linux to management software and middleware.


How Liberkee Puts Dev+Ops in the Driver's Seat

A few short years ago, contactless car rentals were the realm of science fiction. If you wanted a car, you had to fill out and sign half a dozen forms and wait while an agent approved your credit card before you were handed the keys. Even if you booked a car online, you still needed to talk to a person and verify your personal information before you could get behind the wheel.

Conrad Electronic Procures Transparency into Microservices on GCP with Instana

With Instana in place, Conrad has complete visibility and understanding of their containerized microservices in GCP, reducing the amount of time previously required to monitor, pinpoint, troubleshoot, and resolve application performance issues.