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Extend New Relic Logs with BindPlane

In our latest press release we announced our expanding partnership with New Relic. You may be thinking “Wait Blue Medora, doesn’t BindPlane already integrate with New Relic?! We’ve seen it on your site forever!” You are correct, well, partially… currently we provide metric integration for 175 different data sources, ranging from public cloud technology like AWS EC2 to Databases to Storage arrays.

VMworld US 2019: Creating a cohesive monitoring strategy with IHS Markit

Learn how IHS Markit is using vRealize Operations with Blue Medora to create a strategy around their monitoring solution that is enabling them to run their business smarter and more efficiently. Discover how implementing a core monitoring strategy can help you troubleshoot faster, gain visibility into the infrastructure supporting your critical applications, and easily share executive level insights all in a single tool.
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Blue Medora ServiceNow Management Pack For VMware VRealize Operations

IT monitoring integration company Blue Medora recently introduced new ServiceNow capabilities in its True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations at VMworld US. The idea is to help enterprises looking for simpler as well as comprehensive insights into their IT environments from an application or business-centric context.

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Get Started with BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver

Recently we released a great new Logs feature for BindPlane. BindPlane Logs allow you to consolidate all your log files into Google Stackdriver, Google Cloud Platform’s monitoring tool. This new integration connects health and performance signals from a wide variety of sources. Today we will take you through how to get started with BindPlane Logs for Google Stackdriver.

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MongoDB on Google Cloud: How to Set It Up and Keep It Healthy

For any given task, there are many tools you can use. But few are the right tools. If you’re in IT, you’ve probably heard the saying “Use the right tool for the job.” In architects’ meetings, this sentence echoes from one corner to the other. In my career, I’ve heard it more times than I can count. And the wisdom behind it has stood the test of time. That’s because when it comes to how data is stored, it’s not one-tool-fits-all for every type of data.

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How To Monitor MongoDB: BindPlane for Stackdriver

Maintaining the health and performance of your IT infrastructure can be one of the biggest headaches you face in your time as an IT professional. With so many moving parts it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all and how they interact with each other making it quite difficult to efficiently and successfully monitor MongoDB. One day you may log into your MongoDB environment and it’s not returning your queries, or you’re not getting the results you expected.