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Meet the Tech Evangelist Group!

We're excited to announce that we have a new customer-facing tech team on board, the SquaredUp Tech Evangelist Group! As a team, Adam, Shawn and Sameer will be producing cool, nerdy tech content about all things monitoring, as well as kick-starting various initiatives to help customers make the best of SquaredUp. These include in-depth tech guides, on-site customer visits and many things in between – read on to find out more!


Looking back at SCOM-Day 2019

This year was the first time that we, together with the team from Approved in Sweden, hosted the yearly SCOM-Day event in Gothenburg. This year's event was a great success for which we thank our sponsors and attendee's. As always, the day was packed with exciting sessions and numerous networking opportunities. We have gathered pictures and presentations from the event that you can find in the link below.

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Coffee break: SCOM v Azure Monitor, The Big Debate

“SCOM is dead” is a refrain often heard these days, in large part thanks to Microsoft’s latest marketing push on Azure Monitor. Luckily for you, that's fake news! Contrary to the view that Azure Monitor is fast replacing SCOM, the latter remains the most widely used monitoring tool today – and one that Microsoft remains invested in, as can be seen from SCOM 2019’s many new features. What is the real relationship between SCOM and Azure Monitor?

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SCOM 2019: What's next

"Who doesn't love monitoring?" said no one ever. Well, no one but me. Seriously. I love monitoring, but oftentimes I felt like I was the only one. After 23 years at Purdue University I decided that it was time to change things up, try something new, and start looking to see if monitoring could be fun, interesting, and actually creative for someone other than myself. Surprisingly for me, SquaredUp was also interested in the same thing!