Data Breaches


Breach Update: Equifax Settles Class-Action Lawsuit for $380.5 Million

A Georgia court granted final approval for a settlement involving Equifax in a class-action lawsuit following the massive 2017 data breach. This week an Atlanta federal judge ruled this week that Equifax will pay $380.5 million to settle lawsuits relating to the 2017 data breach.


Minnesota-Based Hospital Suffers Data Breach

Alomere Health, a Minnesota-based hospital operator, has begun notifying patients of a data breach that impacts more than 49,351 patients. On October 31, 2019, a malicious attacker gained unauthorized access to an employee email account, then hijacked a second account days later on November 6. The details were recently published on the health providers' website.


Waco water bill attack just the latest in a wave of Click2Gov breaches

The City of Waco has warned residents that their online payments for water services may have been intercepted by hackers who stole credit card details. The heart of the problem lies in the third-party online payment software that Waco and several other cities and municipalities use to let residents pay their bills, pay parking fines, as well as make other financial transactions.


Five Reasons Why "Never" Being Breached May Not Be A Good sign

While countless companies have found themselves in the headlines after being breached over the last decade, there are also many companies we never hear about. Why is that? What makes them so unique that they were never successfully breached before? Is it that they have top of the line security technology? Is it that they don't have assets that attackers care about? Or is it that they've just gotten lucky thus far? None of those common misconceptions are likely the true reason.


Facebook and Twitter warn some users' private data was accessed via third-party app SDK

Facebook and Twitter have announced that personal data related to hundreds of users may have been improperly accessed after users logged into third-party Android apps with their social media accounts. According to a report by CNBC, users of Android apps that made use of a software development kit (SDK) named oneAudience may have unwittingly shared information such as their email addresses, usernames and recent tweets.


Only after running out of hard disk space did firm realise hacker had stolen one million users' details

Yet another company has been found lacking when it comes to securing its consumers’ data. Utah-based InfoTrax Systems provides back-end services to multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) such as dōTERRA, ZanGo, and LifeVantage, providing website portals where individuals can register as a distributor, sign-up new distributors, and place orders for themselves and end consumers.


Apple in 2018, now Tesla-who's next in the line of internal data leaks?

Recent allegations of an ex-Tesla employee syncing the Autopilot source code to his personal iCloud account is yet another classic case of how poor data security is, even in some of the most technologically advanced organizations. The Tesla leak isn’t even the first time that a data breach of such immense magnitude pertaining to self-driving technologies has occurred; in July 2018, an Apple employee was caught using AirDrop to transfer 40GB of confidential data to a personal PC.


Escaping the Egregious Eleven - Part One

Helping to define and examine the top perceived cloud security threats of the day, the ‘Egregious Eleven’ is the most recent iteration in an evolving set of summary reports published by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). It follows on from the ‘Treacherous Twelve,’ which they defined for us in 2016, and the ‘Notorious Nine,’ which they presented in 2013.


Reported Security Breaches Skyrocket in Canada Following New Privacy Law

Security breaches reported to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada have skyrocketed since the country introduced its new privacy on November 1, 2018. A blog published by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada claims they have received 680 breach reports within the last year, six times the number they received during the same period just one year prior.