Mobile APM: The Catalyst for User Experience Management

In the era of millennials and Gen Z, there's an app for everything. In fact, Apple trademarked the sentence, "There's an app for that," nearly 10 years ago. Today, with more than 2.47 million apps available across the App Store and Google Play Store, they're not only a convenient and affordable means to access a service; they have become extensions and expressions of ourselves and our personalities.


Android Banking Trojans: History, Types, Modus Operandi

One sunny morning, my breakfast was interrupted by a phone call from a friend who is an entrepreneur engaged in the transportation of various goods. He said that $11,000 disappeared from his bank account during the night. The bank support service could not help. They advised my friend to report this incident to the police. The money transfers were made using the mobile application and confirmed via SMS. Everything looked like completely legal financial transactions.

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How To Cut Down Your Data Usage On Android

If you’re an Android user, relying on data from your cellular provider is one way of avoiding the risks of free public Wi-Fi – especially if you don’t have the tools or services necessary to give you full protection. Android also has a huge and widely varied user base distributed across the globe. Many of these users operate in regions where free or paid Wi-Fi isn’t even an option. In such instances, going online via cellular data is the only choice they have.


StrandHogg vulnerability threatens 500 of the most popular Android apps

Earlier this month, security researchers at Promon, a Norwegian firm that specializes in in-app security, uncovered a unique vulnerability in Android devices that allows malicious apps to masquerade as legitimate apps and prompt for intrusive permissions that allow them to: Listen to the user through the microphone, Take photos using the camera, and a lot more.


The Tech Stack Behind Bugfender

Whenever I meet an engineer and chat with him about Bugfender, one of the questions I get asked most often is: what does it take to build a log aggregation tool like Bugfender? What’s behind it? When processing millions of log lines per day for several thousand users, coming from millions of devices, good architecture is key to enabling uninterrupted high-speed processing and growing the platform as new users sign up.

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Android 10 - Everything You Need to Know

If you own a Google Pixel smartphone (or one of a couple of other models) Android’s latest update is finally here. If you own another model of Android smartphone then you’ll have to wait a little longer, but that’s nom de rigueur for the operating system. Dubbed Android 10, the new update has abandoned the usual confectionary based naming scheme in favour of a straight numbering system – possibly following Windows’ and Apple’s lead.