Any PLC alarm on your mobile device

Maintenance of machines is an incredibly important task. And it is important to fix a machine before it completely fails. In reactive maintenance scenarios, speed of response is key. Once an issue is detected is important to communicate as reliably and quickly as possible to the right engineer. Ideally, the machine is connected directly to team of mobile engineers in charge and can let them know what exactly happened and what needs to be fixed.

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Better Together: Real Devices, Emulators & Simulators for Mobile Testing

Ten years ago I saw a Selenium test that could click on a capital "I" that was one pixel wide. I was not capable of clicking on it myself. Around that time, a lot of people began using phrases like "End to end is further than you think." Simulators and emulators, after all, could not simulate heat, poor memory management, low power, and other problems. Then again, that was ten years ago.


The Most Important Android Enterprise Features for Supply Chain - Series 2

In my last post, Getting Started With Android Enterprise in Supply Chain – Series 1, we talked about a couple tools you need to understand before jumping into Android Enterprise. Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s talk about the features. Not all of the features, but the ones that are going to really matter in supply chain.


Robust JavaScript Error Handling. Learn About JavaScript Errors

By combining custom errors, named functions and Bugfender, you can create a robust error-handling process that allows you to immediately identify the defects of your JavaScript apps. Unhandled JavaScript errors will stop the execution of your script, leaving the application in an undesired state – or, even worse, in an unknown state. So you need a robust error-handling process to avoid unknown errors in your apps. But, why are errors thrown anyway?


The new iOS 14 privacy and security features: what you need to know

Today Apple releases its next operating system update with iOS 14 and we’re excited to see data privacy is a central tenet. Apple has been positioning privacy and security on the iPhone as a unique selling point for some time now. At WWDC (and in recent ads), Apple pushed the message that “privacy is a fundamental human right,” and revealed new iPhone features that lend more control to the user when it comes to how their data is shared and accessed.