Working Anywhere With Egnyte: Mobile Guide

In recent weeks, companies and organizations that ordinarily operate in a more “traditional” office environment have had to pivot quickly to flexible and alternative working arrangements. At Egnyte, our goal has always been to help provide safe, secure access to your content no matter where you are, and that goal has become increasingly more important in the current climate.


What are Micro Apps on iOS?

To understand what micro apps are on iOS, we first must look at what a “micro app” is. A micro app is a small, precise, highly specialized application. It is designed for a single use case. They can run independently, or you can combine several micro apps in pursuit of a more complex objective. Some example use cases include reading from or writing to an enterprise database, or sending alerts or notifications when a particular event occurs.


How to Fix Crashing Apps on an iPhone or Android?

If you’ve got an app that keeps going down for no apparent reason, don’t worry, this quick and easy guide will give you the tools to get it up and running smoothly. To help you better, first select what type of user you are and what problem you have: If you’re not from the tech world yourselves, you probably think us programmers get everything right all the time.


Code coverage for Swift Package Manager based apps

The Swift Package Manager allows you to create standalone Swift applications both on Linux and macOS. You can build and run these apps and you have the ability to write unit tests for your codebase. Xcode ships with the XCTest framework, but you may not know that this is an open-source library. It's available on every single platform where you can install Swift.