A guide to write your tests for your Android apps

Learn how to write your tests for your Android applications! In this series of articles, you will learn how to do testing on your Android app and libraries. We will give you the most valuable and critical knowledge about testing and finding the issues in your app, and showcase how to write your test cases and how to run them in CI.


How to get mobile app logs to Elasticsearch using Bugfender

When we speak to our customers, they tell us that Bugfender is great for capturing application logs and then pinpointing the logs of a specific user. By pulling all the logs from a developer’s mobile and web apps and centralizing them in a single dashboard, Bugfender gives that developer a 360-degree sweep of their entire user base. But what if you want to use this data somewhere else? What if you could provide this data within an Elasticsearch database?


5G Meets Low-code: Innovation Backbone for the Post-COVID World, Part 2

The 5G hype train is generating a lot of buzz about a technology revolution that promises to pump a staggering $12 trillion into the global economy by 2035 and add over 20 million new jobs in the US alone. But behind the buzz, low-code automation is making the 5G hype legit as network operators turn to low-code platforms to deploy new 5G connectivity that’s exponentially faster and more powerful than 4th generation mobile.


Dashbird app launches new version

The new Dashbird app is bringing your data together for a faster, more secure, and smoother observability experience with team collaboration in mind. The enhanced version of the Dashbird app is making your account more secure and your app navigation and data exploration faster, more intuitive, and all-around enjoyable. Additionally, you can now enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Dashbird account. Check it out now!


5G Meets Low-code: Innovation Backbone for the Post-COVID World, Part 1

They tell us 5G is the future. Where business and consumers are going. But the fierce battle for early adopters is already underway according to Peter Linder, a notable 5G evangelist and Head of 5G Marketing for Ericsson in North America. “Early adopters are getting on board right now,” says Linder. “About 54 million Americans will purchase a 5G phone by the end of 2021. It’s not like ‘build the network and they will come’.

Scale-up Mobile UI Tests - Moataz Nabil at Google Cloud Budapest | Bitrise Talks

Join Moataz Nabil for his talk about scale-up mobile UI tests with Firebase Test Lab, Cloud Function and Bitrise! 🚀 This presentation was watched live by attendees at Google Cloud Budapest 2021. At this meetup, attendees talk about interesting case studies and share some tips and tricks on infrastructure, app dev, data engineering, and machine learning. Presenter: Moataz Nabil | Developer Advocate at Bitrise ‎ Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below.

Building interactive data apps with ThoughtSpot

Businesses today run on apps, and those apps run on data. Too often, however, the technical complexity required to surface and explore that data for additional analysis prevents users from doing so. With ThoughtSpot Everywhere, organizations are easily building new data apps powered by the simplicity and ease of use of ThoughtSpot, or adding ThoughtSpot services to their existing SaaS offerings. This is giving them the unprecedented opportunity to create product experiences that stick, monetize data in new ways, and harness data right within existing tools.