What's Lurking in Your Repositories?

The monolith is crumbling. Most organizations are moving from a small number of large applications to a large number of relatively small applications. Benefits include the ability to deploy small pieces of functionality without a risky big bang and the ability to experiment with new technologies with limited risk. But every advance creates new problems. All those repositories are hard to keep track of. Most organizations lack understanding of what technologies they're using and how.


Monitoring GitHub Activity with LogDNA

Source code management (SCM) is a core component of DevOps. In addition to storing and sharing source code, SCM tools maintain an ongoing history of changes. Reviewing this history provides numerous insights into your development process, including: How often code changes are submitted, The impact of changes on application performance, Which changes result in errors, bugs, or broken builds.


Can't Git no satisfaction: why we need a new-gen source control

Remember the good old days of enterprise software? When everything had to be installed on-premises? To install an application, you’d have to set up a big, vertically scalable server. You would then have to execute a single process written in C/C++, Java or .NET. Well, as you know, those days are long gone. Everything has changed with the transition to the cloud and SaaS.