How enterprise dev teams use GitLab and Mattermost ChatOps to accelerate development

There has never been more pressure on development teams to build software faster and more efficiently. The rise in popularity of DevOps has largely been the result of its promise to speed up dev cycles, increase agility, and help teams resolve issues more quickly. And while the availability and sophistication of DevOps tools have improved greatly in the last few years, simply choosing the latest and greatest tools is no guarantee of a smooth, problem-free development lifecycle.

Ship faster using Slack and Jira - Demo Den January

Discover how to build and ship better and faster using the Jira for Slack integration. Trevor Thompson, Product Integrations Product Manager, demos how to work smarter and optimize your Jira for Slack integration. Trevor shows us how to create issues from your Slack message actions, use Bot Mentions + Quick Syntax and utilize our /jira create function.
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White Label Apps for SaaS: The Smartest Way to Save Your Time, Money, & Skyrocket Your Revenue

How do you like the idea of creating an application that will be rebranded by others? Your client gets to resell it as their own product, but not before they pay you all the charges for production/designing. If this idea interests you, then this page is where you need to be. Take a break from your work or anything that you’re doing right now. This blog post needs your undivided attention. 5 minutes will be enough. Let’s start with the basics.

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10 Online To-Do List Apps to Watch in 2020 (Free and Paid)

When was the last time you forgot to do an important task? And, when was the last time you decided to create online to-do lists, but never kept up to it-because obviously, who has the time to pull out a pen and paper to note everything down? Well, you are not alone. It’s a human tendency to forget things, and later regret not being efficient at task management.


Mattermost installation: The important details for sysadmins

ChatOps is about bringing conversations, tools, files, and automation into a single space. Mattermost has a number of plugins that support ChatOps and real-time DevOps workflows through integrations with developer tools like Jira, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, and Jenkins. At the core is the Mattermost Server.


Getting started with Mattermost integrations

Mattermost is well-known as a flexible, open source messaging platform. But what makes it even more useful is its ability to automate connections with bots and webhooks and to link up to external applications. These automations and connections are known as integrations. Many integrations are available off-the-shelf through the Integrations Directory. But there are lots of ways to create your own.