Running effective meetings in a remote company

As a remote-first company, we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing how we work together as a team. In these challenging times, teams around the world are working to flatten the curve by trying their hand at remote working for the first time. To help these teams succeed, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of the practices and culture we’ve developed to run meetings effectively on Mattermost. Here are seven tips for successful remote meetings.

Lessons Learned Implementing ChatOps

Email overload, distributed teams and excessive meetings have caused many organizations to move their DevOps teams to messaging platforms and thus adopt ChatOps workflows. With thousands of open source installs and hundreds of customer implementations, we have a few lessons to share on interesting DevOps workflows, how incidents can be effectively communicated across distributed teams and what messaging in secure and regulated environments should look like.

Lessons Learned Building Messaging Software with a Fully Remote Team

Our experience working with hundreds of customers who use Mattermost, an open source messaging workspace, and a distributed team with hundreds of additional contributors all working remotely, has taught us several lessons about communications tools and how to get work done across time zones.

Slack Tips for Remote Communication

As the world is now forced into remote working due to COVID-19, I believe it’s important to make some things explicit that have been implicit for many a remote worker over the past few years with the rise of Slack in the distributed office. These tips are designed to be simple and actionable, with the goal of improving your remote working experience.


Greater protection for Mattermost message data on mobile devices

Push notifications are an important aspect of the Mattermost user experience on mobile. When important messages come in, many users like to be notified on their mobile devices so they can respond quickly. Mobile push notifications make it easier for users to stay informed or take faster action while on the go. When it comes to mobile data privacy, many organizations prioritize secure handling of messaging data, particularly when it may contain mission-critical or proprietary information.

Looking sharper!

Hey Riot users, We’ve seen a massive spike in video conferencing in Riot so far this week: ...and the free conferencing deployment we’ve been running for Riot on the old infrastructure has become completely overloaded. As a result, we’ve accelerated work to provide a properly maintained, elastically scalable Jitsi deployment for high quality voice and video conferencing as part of the services provided by