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How To Prepare Your Data Center For AI

Though much of the coverage of artificial intelligence or AI has been hype, the technology itself is real enough – and gaining traction in the commercial sphere. In fact, AI is increasingly being viewed as an integral requirement for business IT setups, rather than a luxury or fad. The research firm Gartner, Inc., predicts that more than 30 percent of data centers that fail to sufficiently prepare for AI will no longer be operationally or economically viable by 2020.


Significance of AI & ML in Network Performance Monitoring

If you’re a tech geek you must have come across disrupting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and IoT. These are the key buzz words since many years. With this blog we plan on kickstarting 2020 with the most sought-after question amongst IT administrators & DevOps team, “How will AI & ML benefit us?”, “What’s the role of AI in Networks?” & more. Well, let’s get started!


AI: Let's Get Real

The hype has gone off the charts for AI and machine learning tools' potential in IT organizations. It’s time to temper expectations and move towards a sensible adoption path. Artificial intelligence is not fairy dust sprinkled on a data center, despite the enthusiastic proclamations of many IT operations vendors today. A couple of years ago, AI was the bride atop the wedding cake. It was perfect, with promises to render obsolete errors and out-of-control performance issues.


3 Ways AI Can Take Your Social Customer Support to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized customer support all over the world. Thanks to artificial intelligence, businesses have reaped the benefits of smart voice agents, instant call routing, automated email responses, and more. But with the continued popularity of social media as a channel of customer support, it only makes sense to use AI to optimize your support strategy. Here are three ways to reap the benefits of AI and automation in your social customer support –


Bringing AI-Powered Hybrid Infrastructure Management to the Gartner IOCS Summits

At Virtana, we make a concerted effort to keep a close eye on the innovation and research taking place in the IT operations sector. Maybe to no one’s surprise, Gartner is one of the leading advisors when it comes to this industry, and we take every opportunity to soak up information from the influential analyst firm. As such, the team recently attended both the UK edition of Gartner’s IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies conference in London, and the US edition in Las Vegas.


Five worthy reads: The privacy implications of AI

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we explore the relationship between AI and data privacy. From smart devices and voice assistants to mediating traffic and enhancing personalized shopping experiences, artificial intelligence (AI) has found widespread application in many aspects of life.


Deep Learning Toolkit 3.0 Release

Splunk enjoys a unique position when it comes to AI and ML. This is due to the fact that any machine learning system is fueled by data. With focus on machine learning, our customers and partners have already caught on and are reporting amazing results across the spectrum, from starting out with their first ML experiments through to fully operationalizing their models into production use cases.