MSP for MSPs: Fast, Powerful Log Analytics Improves Customer Success

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are on the hook to deliver reliable, performant, and secure services to their customers. Production issues or security incidents can threaten SLAs, customer contracts, and ultimately business reputations. To state the obvious, MSPs need to understand what is going on in their environment so they can effectively identify and diagnose production issues before they impact customers. This is the idea behind “observability.”


What Does Wi-Fi 6 Mean for MSPs?

Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax if you want to get technical, is the latest version of the 802.11 standard for wireless network transmissions that we all know as Wi-Fi. And if you’ve been on any tech news websites lately, you’ll know the topic is taking the tech world by storm. To get to the bottom of all the Wi-Fi 6 buzz, we talked with Lee Badman, a wireless network architect and expert, about what it means for MSPs and whether they should buy into the hype.


The Importance of Engineer Walkabouts

A core tenet of managed services is the ability of an MSP to support multiple clients, in various locations, all without ever leaving your desk. While this approach is more efficient and profitable than dispatching engineers out to client sites to deal with every support ticket that comes in, there’s a catch. The challenge is when you become good at doing managed services in this way, you don’t have much of an excuse to visit your client sites at all.


Continuum Navigate East 2019: 4 Cybersecurity Takeaways

At the beginning of October, conveniently dubbed National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Auvik team descended on the city of Pittsburgh to attend Continuum Navigate East 2019. With recent MSP-targeted ransomware attacks fresh in the minds of all attendees, cybersecurity took the event by storm—from keynotes to casual conversations, there was no escaping it. What was everyone saying? We put together a list of four key takeaways from the event to fill you in.


4 Key Takeaways From the 2019 Managing Network Vendor Diversity Report

In 2018, we released the inaugural Managing Network Vendor Diversity Report, where we discovered that MSPs face a serious challenge: There’s high vendor diversity in the network hardware they operate. In the short year since then, the managed services industry has experienced a lot of change: tech trends are evolving, new products are being released, and client expectations are growing. So what was true in 2018 might not be any longer.


8 Secret Struggles Today's MSPs Are Dealing With

In the managed services industry, there’s no shortage of support. Whether online or in person, there are countless ways to connect with other MSPs, share stories, and provide tips and tricks to help you build your business—and overcome MSP struggles. And while MSPs are willing to share industry trends they’re taking advantage of, they’re not always willing to talk about the ones they’re losing sleep over.


6 Awesome TED Talks Every MSP Needs to See

As the managed services market becomes increasingly competitive, you’re likely looking for ways to boost your MSP’s productivity and efficiency. You’ve already got a stellar PSA, RMM, and network management tool, but you need something more. You need something like a TED Talk… or six… to inspire fresh ideas and make your MSP the best it can be. That’s why we surfed the web and found six seriously awesome speakers to bring you a new perspective on your business.