Asset Management


Reviewing best practices for IT asset management in the cloud

It used to be that businesses needing their own large computer networks had to do everything themselves. They had to buy all of their servers, all of their networking appliances. They needed the physical space on premises for all of their datacenters, the HVAC people to keep everything cool, and the massive electricity bills to keep all of that going.


DevOps KPIs: How to Measure Success, Part 1- Asset Management and Monitoring

DevOps is no longer a new concept. There are entire tool ecosystems, methodologies, and transformation models, as well as endless resources out there to guide companies along the DevOps journey. But how do you do the basics well, and how do you measure success? The tools you use will differ if you’re running a Platform as a Service (PaaS), running a mobile application, or serving as a bank.


Jira Service Desk asset management integrations for cloud are here

The job of the IT professional has become more difficult over the past decade. This is not necessarily due to the workload, but because of the dramatic shift we’ve seen in the way our organizations, employees, and customers are now operating in a software-powered world.


Where Context is King: Beyond Utilization in Asset Management

Organizations need better network oversight. According to Information Week, recent data predicts “wasted” cloud spending on services and applications that aren’t fully utilized will reach $21 billion by 2021, while CIO points to Gartner research that suggests 30 to 40 percent of IT spending in large enterprises is actually funding shadow IT.


How Religious Organizations use OneDesk for Project Management, Service Desk and Asset Management

When it comes to tracking work, there are no limits as to what kind of organization would find OneDesk useful. One client came to us looking for a solution to multiple problems: service desk, project management, and asset management. Although OneDesk doesn’t include a native asset management application, our tools are flexible enough to provide a basic asset management system on top of the fully-featured project management and service desk systems.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)

ServiceNow makes work, work better for people. Our cloud-based platform and products deliver digital experiences that help people do their best work. ServiceNow SAM works seamlessly with other products on the NOW Platform for features such as License Change Projections and Application Portfolio Management. Imagine what’s possible when you run SAM from the same place that you manage the rest of your IT.