Asset Management


Augmenting the supply chain during COVID-19

The impacts of COVID-19 have been felt globally and across every industry. Supply chain businesses have faced a challenging few months and we’re not out of the woods yet. Warehouse and supply chain organisations in the UK have been contending with a 129% boom in online shopping, as non-essential shops have been closed and many consumers continue to favour online grocery shopping instead of braving the supermarket queues.


5 Tips to Succeed with Enterprise Service Management from Ivanti Customers

Do more with the same. That’s a phrase many of us hear in our careers when there is an expectation for higher output with no increase in resources or budget. One way many organizations achieve this is by leveraging the functionality of their IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to automate workflows and build more efficient business processes throughout all departments, not just IT. This is often referred to as Enterprise Service Management, or ESM.


Survey: Remote Work Leads to Increase in Security Issues

Over the past several months, the world has changed as we know it. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way many companies do business, with more virtual events, video calls, and curbside pickups than ever before. Although challenging at times—we miss attending live events and other social activities—this pandemic has forced many companies to think outside of the box. The traditional ways of doing business were no longer feasible or even legal in some cases.


IT Asset Discovery & Tracking: How to Get the Most Out of IT Asset Management

It is general knowledge that most businesses are used to managing their IT assets through only a spreadsheet and a list of invoices. The critical problem with this system is that it is far too simple a mechanism to be able to maintain the asset inventory for hundreds or thousands of hardware devices and software licenses, let alone handle the different aspects of the IT asset life cycle like.


Remote Work: What's Next?

Are you a remote worker, office worker, or both right now? What does your back-to-the-office look like? Will you still be a remote worker in July or September or January of 2021? If you have lost track of time, January 2021 is only six months away. There are many unknowns and in-betweens right now. Lots of questions, not many answers. How should your business prepare? The best way out is through as the saying goes—so, let's go through it.


The Next Chapter for Ivanti Endpoint Security (IES)

As part of the re-affirmed commitment to customers as announced on January 30, Ivanti launched an Independent Business Unit (IBU) consisting of proven solutions with a large customer following (dare I say, fans?) that deserve some TLC. One of these solutions is Ivanti Endpoint Security (IES), previously referred to as Endpoint Management & Security Suite (EMSS) and also as Patch for Linux, Unix and Mac. So, what’s new with Ivanti Endpoint Security?


Continuous Vulnerability Management Is a Must

Face it. Your IT systems may be secure today, but what about next week? Granted, as stated by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), you and your team members must operate in a constant stream of new information—software updates, patches, security advisories, threat bulletins, and more. But as you know, attackers have access to the same information and can leverage gaps between the onset of new knowledge and remediation.


Accelerate Logons and Combat Browser Profile Bloat in Your Multi-Browser Estate with Avanite and Ivanti

Today’s modern IT estates see big increases year-over-year in the use of SaaS-based applications. In addition, with more applications being accessed through the browser, managing browser usage, data, and synchronization has become critical to positive experience for local, mobile, and remote users. Combining Ivanti Environment Manager and Avanite WebData Control offers IT teams enhanced browser management and accelerates logons up to 60%.

Ivanti Cloud: Smart Advisor & Patch Intelligence Demo: Momentum Vlog

This is a quick take or section from an Ivanti Momentum customer webinar about Ivanti Cloud. This quick webinar video focuses on how Ivanti Cloud uses IT data to provide recommendations on what you can do next, save money, or implement in strategy. This video includes demos about how to use Ivanti Cloud Smart Advisors in cybersecurity scenarios, plus demonstrates Patch Intelligence to help IT security and operations be more closely aligned in their efforts.