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Questions to ask your APM provider before you buy

APM is something that some organizations either don’t fully understand or don’t put much thought into until it’s too late. When there’s a problem with an application, the organization scrambles to find a tool that can help solve the problem at hand. They contact the sales teams of various APM vendors to see which ones can help them.

Five Things Your APM Platform Should do for Your Container Application Deployments.

One of the chief complexities in running large scale containerized applications is the need for continuous systems/application monitoring. Containers are very different from traditional VMs and the 3 tier applications that run on them. Monitoring that needs to ensure that SLAs promised to the business are being met as well as an ability to forecast usage trends while identifying problem areas such as bugs, capacity challenges, slowing performance, and any potential downtime.


Scout APM Goes to PyCon 2019, The Cleveland Edition!

This past week some of the Scout team had the opportunity to hang out at PyCon USA in Cleveland. This was the first time the Scout APM team had attended PyCon. It was great to spend some time with an awesome swath of the Python community. With a great booth location situated across the aisle from the innovative and fun Slack booth, we had fun getting to know everyone with a solid amount of traffic heading past our booth over the exhibition days.


Introducing granular permissions: Customize team member’s access for finer control

Thousands of developers work in Raygun every day. But as the number of team members added to your organization grows, it can be tough to make sure only plan Owners have access to major plan settings in Raygun. Starting today, if you are a plan Owner, granular permissions will help you gain more control over who has access to key Raygun settings at the product, app and plan level.