3 Tips on How to Use Automation to Anticipate and Troubleshoot Slow VDI Logons with XenAppBlog

Citrix CTP, Trond Eirik Haavarstein, and Goliath show how to shift IT from reactive to proactive through embedded intelligence and automation to anticipate and troubleshoot slow logon times before an end-user notices an issue exists!
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When Citrix Director Isn't Meeting Your Needs

Struggling to find permanent resolutions to your end-user performance issues that continue to pile up? Do you not have enough visibility into the root cause of these issues to prevent them in the future? If you are like many of Goliath’s customers, you know Citrix Director isn’t giving you the full visibility you need to resolve your Citrix virtual workspace issues; but management doesn’t seem to understand why Citrix Director isn’t the end all be all answer.

How to Anticipate Citrix End-User Performance Issues with Embedded Intelligence and Automation

Learn how to capture true end-to-end visibility into the health of your complete Citrix infrastructure showing automatically all the dependencies of the underlying elements that can impact end-user performance.

End-to-End Performance Monitoring for Citrix Cloud

It’s no secret that Citrix Cloud adoption is growing. As more organizations embark on their Citrix Cloud journey, it’s important to consider a well-thought-out performance strategy. Given the hybrid nature of Citrix Cloud deployments, it is challenging to detect performance bottlenecks. Relying on built-in Citrix tools is not sufficient to troubleshoot performance issues.

How UHS Troubleshoots Cerner and Citrix Session Slowness

Joe Alexander, Sr. Software Architect at UHS, shares how they were able to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot the root cause of session slowness and downtime across three hospitals, collaborate with Cerner and resolve the issue in less than an hour with Goliath Technologies!