The Difference Between SOAR and a Security Operations Platform

When an innovative product hits the market, it does not take long for the market to become overrun with similar offerings. Consumer technology products are a great example of this phenomenon. Soon after Apple released its AirPods wireless headphones, a number of lookalike offerings, even in Apple’s signature white color, flooded the market. For the consumer, this is good and bad. On the positive side, now there are more choices available, probably at different (and more affordable) price points.


What is SOAR? Tips for SOCs to Get Started with SOAR Cybersecurity

The year 2019 was no different than any other year in terms of security breaches and menacing cyber attacks. Even the biggest technology giants of Silicon Valley have fallen prey to massive data leaks this year. The ever-evolving nature of intrusive elements and their extremely sophisticated architecture have made cybersecurity research and advancement measures the talk of the town.


Confessions of Security Analysts

Ask a group of security analysts about the challenges of working in cybersecurity, and you’ll likely hear some common themes. In light of these challenges, it’s no wonder that security teams feel perpetually overwhelmed. They’re clamoring for new ways to streamline their security operations in order to stay on top of security alerts, increase the speed of detection and response, and do more with less.


Questions to Ask Before Investing in a SOAR Platform

The state of enterprise cybersecurity is becoming increasingly complex, thanks to the growing number of malicious threats. According to Gartner, a burst of varied security alarms are terrorizing the cyber landscape. However, there are very few efficient people or processes to help organizations deal with them. In 2017, the research company came up with an innovative and powerful approach to address and deter catastrophic cyber threats to enterprises - SOAR!


The Importance of Alert Grouping

Alerts are one of the most important information sources when it comes to cyber security. They notify and inform your IT team about ongoing cyber threats, security events and any other incident that might threaten your organization. In this article, we will focus on alert grouping and why it is important for the security of your organization.


Incorporating the MITRE ATT&CK Framework into Your SOAR to Deliver Faster Investigations and Improved Visibility

Everyone involved in the triage, investigation and response to security incidents battles the same adversary: Time. Whether you are a Tier 1 analyst weeding out false positives or a senior analyst dissecting a sophisticated attack, the clock is always against you.