Incorporating the MITRE ATT&CK Framework into Your SOAR to Deliver Faster Investigations and Improved Visibility

Everyone involved in the triage, investigation and response to security incidents battles the same adversary: Time. Whether you are a Tier 1 analyst weeding out false positives or a senior analyst dissecting a sophisticated attack, the clock is always against you.


Uncovering Hidden Threats with Endgame and the Siemplify Security Operations Platform

In a perfect world, security operations center (SOC) teams would always be one or two steps ahead of attackers, identifying their tools, tactics and procedures before they are put to use and essentially rendering the bad guys impotent. In the real world, however, we all know this is not the case. For most SOCs, keeping up with known previous and active security issues consumes all their available investigation resources, making the idea of uncovering hidden threats just that: an idea.

How One Company Managed a Cybersecurity Crisis with the Siemplify "War Room"

Security incidents touch all parts of the business. Siemplify's interactive "war room" provides instant visibility and collaboration among security operations teams and executive, legal, HR and other stakeholders to quickly address and effectively handle breaches and other events.