Integrating Vulnerability Management into your SOAR to shorten investigation time

Vulnerability Management has come along way in recent years. Once thought to be a once a month process, modern vulnerability solutions offer organizations near unlimited flexibility in regards to when and how vulnerability scans take place. Now, with continuous visibility into the vulnerabilities across their environments, IT teams can take action fast when a critical asset is flagged as vulnerable.

Splunk Phantom

If you work on a security team, you probably deal with a complex security infrastructure, including a range of technologies from multiple sources, in addition to limited resources to defend your organization. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Splunk Phantom — your go-to SOAR solution — comes to the rescue by integrating your team, processes and tools so you can bring your best defense forward in no time flat.

That’s a nice SOAR budget you have there... pity if something were to happen to it

So you took the proactive step to get a budget and purchase a SOAR, congratulations. The funny thing about budgets is that if they turn out not to result in value/benefit they can disappear fast. Now whether you used the simple guide to selecting a SOAR (Pragmatic SOAR Selection) we recently published or some other means, you are now entering a critical phase in your SOAR journey.


Splunk Your Phantom Events

Splunk and Phantom… What a powerful combination! With Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), you get the power of the platform to interrogate your data, detect security threats, and investigate suspicious activities; with Splunk Phantom, you gain the ability to leverage a wide range of security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities to further investigate and take action on the notable events that have been detected.


What is an Incident Response Playbook?

Automation in security solutions has gained traction in the last 2-3 years and a SOAR solution is a prime example. SOAR stands for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. Without a doubt, automation is the need of the hour for an organization’s cyber security and SOAR rightly helps your SOC by enabling the internal security team to focus on serious and important events or incidents, instead of going through a plethora of events with no or minimal risk.

Most Used Playbooks

Acquire security orchestration and automation best practices, tried and tested by our global customer base. Developed by our in-house experts who provide guidance to security teams worldwide, these playbooks facilitate and integrate alerts handling and incident response plans. These are the earliest in a series that continues to grow over time.