From DevOops to DevOps | Best Strategies to Implement for Your Team

In today’s rapidly changing world, software products need to be upgraded frequently and quickly to bring value to customers and users. Software features are continuously developed, tested, deployed, and operated in the production environment. New features are not only developed and tested successfully, but they also deployed and operated without much chaos and disruption.


What to Consider Before Applying CI/CD | A Beginner's Cheat Sheet

Continuous Integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a complex part of any development cycle. It involves continuously integrating code into a shared repository to keep code progression amongst a team of developers running smooth and steady. This helps prevent merging errors, duplicated efforts and promoting collaboration to create a better product. That code is then thoroughly and continuously tested to keep problems from arising.

api fortress

API Fortress Announces a New Test Creation Application for Engineers

New York City — June 20, 2019 — API Fortress announces the release of Forge, a lightweight downloadable test editor that increases flexibility in how you choose to write API tests. With Forge, a user can write a test with API Fortress on their own computer, outside of the platform. In addition, API Fortress is releasing apif-local, an application that contains the core of the API Fortress platform.


What is Chaos Engineering in penetration testing?

Being proactive is the key to staying safe online, especially for businesses and organizations that operate websites and mobile applications. If you wait for threats to appear, then in most cases it is too late to defend against them. Many data breaches come about this way, with hackers uncovering security gaps that had gone previously undetected. The average web developer wants to assume that their code and projects will always function in the intended manner.

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10 best Web Application Testing Tools in 2019

These days having a website isn’t enough to keep visitors happy and coming back for more. No, you need a website that is secure, loads quickly, and is free of any bugs. Of course, the only way to ensure this is to test your website on a regular basis. If this is not a task that you want to outsource, there is no need to worry. There are a number of web application testing tools that can help you out.


Katalon and Sauce Labs: A Better Cloud-based Automation Solution

We are excited to announce a partnership establishment with Sauce Labs – a cloud-hosted, web, and mobile application automated testing platform company. This collaboration aims at delivering better automated cloud execution, allowing software development businesses to release high-quality products faster. “One of the challenges that software development teams often face is not having a user-friendly test automation tool, or insufficiency in testing environments.


Katalon & LambdaTest: Maximizing Cross-browser Testing Environments

Katalon has recently rolled out an in-app integration with LambdaTest. LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing cloud services company that offers a wide range of real browsers and operating systems to perform live interactive testing, online automation with Selenium, as well as seamless testing collaboration.