TestComplete Releases Version 14.2

Our aim with each update is to combine UI test automation with innovation. This year we’ve been happy with our progress. We introduced a powerful hybrid object recognition engine that now includes AI-powered OCR techniques. Our range of automated tests has always covered desktop, web, mobile, and Chromium-based applications, but through this OCR update, they can now be more complex.


Best 14 CI/CD Tools You Must Know | Updated for 2019

“Quality at Speed” is the new norm in software development. Enterprises are making their moves toward DevOps methodologies and Agile culture to accelerate the delivery speed and ensure product quality. In DevOps, a continuous and automated delivery cycle is the backbone that makes fast and reliable delivery possible. This results in the need for proper continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools.


LoadNinja FAQs: Beyond the Protocol Results

A couple of weeks ago, we held our webinar “Beyond Protocol Results: Why and How to Analyze End User Experience through Real Browser-based Load,” in which we discussed modeling end user behavior correctly, increasing test coverage, running a load test using real browsers at scale, and more. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, make sure you download the on-demand webinar recording!


Checklist of Performance Testing Best Practices

Performance testing is becoming an increasingly important part of the DevOps process. While most load tests targeted servers in the past, the rise of cloud computing has made it possible to test client-side performance with real browsers. The combination of client and server performance tests simplify the debugging process and provide better insights.


Announcing LoadNinja updates: Object Recognition & Recorder Log

We're excited to highlight some new enhancements and features that have been added to LoadNinja over the past several weeks! LoadNinja is the performance testing platform on the cloud for engineers and performance professionals to load test web application with real browsers at scale using test scripts that can be replayed immediately after recording. This gives you the most actionable browser-based performance data to isolate issues and debug errors in real time.


Outperform this Holiday Season: Testing for Peak Success

In today’s age, consumers expect quality and speed all the time – whether they’re using an app to order a ride, making a purchase, or doing research on which health insurance plan to select. The most important factors that consumers consider when visiting your website or your application are uptime, speed, and functionality.


Minimize Downtime in Production with Cloud-Based Distributed Load Testing

We all know that downtime costs money — potentially thousands of dollars per minute for large enterprises — not to mention the impact on brand reputation and customer satisfaction. While often overlooked, load testing is one way to help mitigate downtime risk by ensuring that your application is ready for production before deployments.


How to choose the right pentester for you

There are a variety of reasons your company might look to hire a penetration tester. For many companies, their first foray into penetration testing comes at the request of a potential business partner. In order to close a big deal, that partner requests that you hire a penetration tester to verify the security of your team’s software. As a part of the contract, you’ll categorize the vulnerabilities they uncover, and fix any major issues.