These are the 3 biggest mistakes you can make when moving to Kubernetes

We are currently in the midst of the biggest KubeCon to date, KubeCon San Diego 2019. With 12,000 expected attendees, KubeCon is the conference for Kubernetes; the one to rule them all, the open-source container-orchestration platform. In honor of this great event, I hand-picked the top-3 mistakes you can make when moving to Kubernetes. These are based on our own experience as a dev-facing company on a K8s journey, as well as the experience of our customers.


Alcide Integrates with Datadog to Enable Easy Kubernetes Audit Logs Monitoring and Investigation

Announcing Alcide new integration with Datadog, the leading monitoring platform. Users will now get insights and alerts from Alcide kAudit in real-time in order to detect Kubernetes compliance violations, security incidents, and administration activity anomalies directly from the Datadog platform.


KubeCon 2019: Elastic Doubles Down on Observability and Orchestration for Kubernetes

As users adopt Kubernetes, Elastic products move fast to support their evolving needs. Whether you are trying to run Elasticsearch workloads to Kubernetes or want to gain better visibility into container workloads running across different environments, we are doubling down on building cloud native tools to support these efforts. This blog covers recent advancements to support Kubernetes initiatives:


Epsagon Announces Tracing & Metrics for Kubernetes

Ever wonder what is going on with your Kubernetes clusters, as they deploy, scale and maintain container images? Do you want deeper visibility than current monitoring tools provide? Wonder no more. Today we are announcing a seamless integration of Kubernetes and Epsagon, the automated, distributed tracing solution for cloud microservices, including containers, with payload visibility to monitor, troubleshoot and fix issues in seconds.


App Journey to be Cloud Native - Automated!

Yes, you read it right! The journey of existing apps on-prem to cloud-native has been automated with the use of Allow me to share different steps taken for automation and which scenarios are a better fit. If you have 100s and 1000s of applications and are looking to assess them for cloud readiness, it can be overwhelming! The mix of applications, the infra, the network, and the geographic spread does make the effort of assessment overwhelming.


StackRox + PagerDuty - Know about Your Kubernetes Security Issues, Now

StackRox has pioneered Kubernetes-native container security, bringing rich context and infrastructure-native enforcement to protecting Kubernetes and containers across build, deploy, and runtime. We recognize the importance of getting critical alerts about this cloud-native stack to the right team, at the right moment – by integrating with PagerDuty, we broadened the choices on how to do so.