Kubernetes Vulnerability Scanning

For most organizations that have made investments in Kubernetes, ensuring the security of their Kubernetes environment is turning out to be a significant concern. As an example of why, consider the Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw (CVE-2018-1002105) announced in December 2018. The bug allows any user who has access to the subpath volume mounts to access files outside the volume as well.


How Kubernetes Empowers DevOps Culture

DevOps is a practice and enterprise-wide philosophy where your delivery chain is agile and adaptable, with automated processes used everywhere possible. Part of adaptability is having the confidence that you can incorporate new types of tooling and applications without introducing undue risk or unnecessary effort. The advantage of automation and integrated security is that developers can develop without fear, allowing them to support shift-left security.


Don't Let Kubernetes Become a Black Box: Optimizing the K8s Experience

Everyone is talking about Kubernetes these days, and it’s no secret that Kubernetes has emerged as the leading container orchestration tool. There are a variety of reasons for that, ranging from Kubernetes’s open source, community-based development model to helpful technical features like pod security policies and automatic load balancing.


Alcide Advisor: Continuous Kubernetes Security

Alcide Advisor is released to our Early Access program members. The Alcide Advisor Early Access Program provides an exclusive free access to our new Kubernetes and Istio hygiene advisor tool, before it's being released. The Alcide Advisor scans your Kubernetes deployments to look for any misconfigurations or secrets left behind.


Top 5 Best Practices for Healthy Kubernetes 1.14 Environments

If you work with Kubernetes, you’re probably already familiar with basic Kubernetes best practices guides and patterns. But the recent release of Kubernetes v1.14 has introduced some new features, which in turn necessitate new best practices. Most of them center on security and automation, which are top of the list for operations staff, management, and development alike. But there are some others that factor in as well.

How to Measure DevOps Success in a Cloud-Native World?

There are entire tool ecosystem, methodologies and endless resources to guide companies along their DevOps journey: asset Management, monitoring, and CI/CD integration to name a few. This ebook will take you through the KPIs you should either evaluate or revisit and examine what you should consider when measuring your DevOps success.

Ready, Set, Go! Kick-Start Your K8s Journey with this 3-day Program

If you believe all the marketing hype, then Kubernetes is the silver bullet to make containers so routine that they’re boring, and your infrastructure will have better harmony than any boy band in history. If only this were true. While Kubernetes is a great tool for container orchestration, there are strict limitations on what it can do. That's why getting started with Kubernetes is much more complicated than simply installing it, starting it, and calling it a day.