App Store Connect API on Bitrise

Now there is a new way to connect your Bitrise account to Apple Developer Connection: the authorization will happen via a JSON Web Token. AppStore Connect API was introduced last year, and we'll also use the official solution only calling API endpoints. The good news is that now you don't have to use the whole account for authentication and you'll be able to set access levels for the keys.

Deep Dive: Android Fan Out Builds

Success on mobile is about speed and it's about quality. In this webinar, Bitrise Sales engineer Tamas Bazsonyi explains how to get the best of both, by demonstrating how to combine speed and quality by speeding up Android builds on Bitrise. We are going to share a couple of suggestions to speed up your android builds and also share a sample solution for fan out builds with your Android project.

Android device testing on Bitrise

Automate the device testing of your mobile apps with Bitrise: use our dedicated Steps to run device tests on iOS and Android devices in Firebase Test Lab. Continuous integration and delivery built for mobile: Automate iOS and Android builds, testing and deployment from your first install to the one millionth. Free for Open Source and small teams. Plans for teams of all sizes.