The Road to MobileDevTestOps - Kobiton Odyssey 2021 presentation by Moataz Nabil

Join Moataz Nabil for this explainer on MobileDevTestOps, and a description of the common journey mobile engineering organisations go through to reach this stage of continuous testing. This presentation, watched live by attendees of Kobiton's Odyssey 2021 testing conference, explores the role of QA and testing in mobile DevOps processes. Specifically, it deep-dives into the notion of Mobile DevTestOps, it's challenges and how they're addressed by both large and small mobile product engineering organisations.

5 ways the best mobile teams use release trains for increased speed and efficiency

Releasing with speed and confidence is every mobile team’s dream. To help you on that journey, mobile release trains can introduce a quicker release model and faster mobile cycles — making distributed development teams, that work on different parts of an application, become more aligned — regardless of their size.


Writing your scripts in Java and Kotlin with Bitrise

If you are familiar with Bitrise you probably already used the Script Step to do something in your CI workflow. There are multiple options for the language of your script, by default it is a bash script, but the description of the step also mentions Go, Ruby or Python. Although it does not mention Java or Kotlin, I will show you in the next few minutes how to do it!