New Plugin: Create Unomaly Alerts in OpsGenie

Creating alerts is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything in Unomaly. While Slack and email are our most popular methods, we are always experimenting with new ways to integrate with the tools you prefer. Our new OpsGenie plugin for Unomaly will help users of both products stay on top of their anomalies.


Unomaly’s Weekly Release Train is Going Full-Steam Ahead

Continuing with our theme of experimentation at Unomaly. We are making a major shift for how we are going to release updates of our product to our customers and users by releasing weekly. A few weeks back, we held a retrospective with our product and engineering teams for Q1. Like all retrospectives we hold, this is a time to see what worked, what didn’t and what we can improve and experiment with for the following quarter.


Heading Towards Zero Bugs in Production

Any team responsible for building and running software will have an intimate understanding of the tradeoffs of deploying new code and fixing bugs. Where there is code, there will be bugs. Where there is change, there will be new bugs. And there is a limit to how much time that can be spent making sure code is bug free. It’s impossible to completely prevent them.


We Failed, Yay! Experimentation at Unomaly

One of the best things working in our engineering organization is the amount of solution ideas that are generated when we attempt to solve a problem. Often, after spending considerable time defining and agreeing about what problem we’re solving, we have too many solution for how to solve that problem with no clear path on determining the “right” path forward.

Investigating Raw Anomalies in Unomaly

Unomaly continuously learns from the streaming data produced by every aspect of your IT environment and surfaces new information or changes in patterns (such as accelerations of events, events lost, etc) that has not previously been identified. In this video tutorial we will show you how to investigate using Unomaly's raw list of anomalies from all of your log data.

Patterns of incident remediation

Recently, John Allspaw proposed an interesting thought-experiment in his talk at the devops enterprise summit: “Imagine your organization. What would happen if today at six o’clock all of your companies took their hands off the keyboard? They don’t answer any pages. They don’t look at any alerts. They do not touch any part of it, application code or networks or any of it. Are you confident that your service will be up and running after a day?”