Best Practices for Managing Elasticsearch Indices

Elasticsearch is a powerful distributed search engine that has, over the years, grown into a more general-purpose NoSQL storage and analytics tool. The recent release of Elasticsearch 7 added many improvements to the way Elasticsearch works. It also formalized support for various applications including machine learning, security information and event management (SIEM), and maps, among others, through a revamped Kibana.


ELK with Talend cloud

ELK is the acronym for three open source projects where E stands for Elasticsearch, L stands for Logstash and K stands for Kibana. ELK is a robust solution for log management and data analysis. In this blog, I am going to show you how to configure ELK while working with Talend Cloud. The blog will focus on Loading Streaming Data into Amazon ES from Amazon S3.


How to ingest data into Elasticsearch Service

Elasticsearch is omnipresent for data search and analytics. Developers and communities leverage Elasticsearch for the most diverse use cases, from application search and website search, to logging, infrastructure monitoring, APM, and security analytics. While there now exist freely available solutions for these use cases, developers need to feed their data into Elasticsearch in the first place.


Dear Search Guard Users

It came to our attention that the developers of Search Guard, a security plugin for Elasticsearch from floragunn GmbH, directly copied source code from our proprietary security features into their product. In looking deeper, we discovered a pattern of intellectual property theft that has apparently been going on for years. Whether open source or proprietary, any responsible creator must protect their work.


StormCrawler open source web crawler strengthened by Elasticsearch, Kibana

This is one in an occasional series of community-generated stories developed from our #ElasticStories campaign. StormCrawler is a popular and mature open source web crawler. It is written in Java and is both lightweight and scalable, thanks to the distribution layer based on Apache Storm. One of the attractions of the crawler is that it is extensible and modular, as well as versatile.


Elasticsearch Service is now available on AWS in London

We're excited to bring the official Elasticsearch Service to the London region on AWS. This will provide our growing set of customers in the United Kingdom and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the immediate ability to start a free trial and deploy our Elasticsearch Service on AWS in London with a few clicks, with features you can’t find anywhere else.


Heya, APJ Elastic Search Awards honorees of 2019 - We salute you!

Just a few months ago, we recognized the honorees of the inaugural Elastic Search Awards for the Americas region. As with all our Elastic Search Awards, the honorees’ stories proved that innovation and imagination are what truly fuels the Elastic Stack. These stories, no matter what region across the world they stem from, showcase exceptional deployments of the Elastic Stack geared for unique, humanitarian, and business-transformation purposes.


Elastic Enterprise Search Beta 2 released: Now with even greater connectivity and extensibility

Elastic Enterprise Search brings one elegant search experience to all of your purpose-built or cloud-based workplace tools. We’re pleased to announce the second beta release of Enterprise Search, which contains new features to connect your people to what they need — with speed and relevance at scale.