The new Analytics feature in AWS X-Ray: How your serverless application can benefit from distributed tracing

AWS Just released a new set of features to X-Ray that can make debugging life much easier, whether it is to better understand complex serverless architectures, user flow, or to spot high error rates and outliers.

Don’t think serverless security, think application security

As the next logical step in cloud computing, serverless is fundamentally changing the way developers need to think about applications and write code. While new technologies will always raise security questions, claims that serverless poses new risks are incorrect; there are no new cybersecurity threats that are serverless-specific. In fact, serverless can actually improve an application’s security posture. This includes advantages such as that the serverless provider handles security for major parts of the stack and a small, contained blast radius.

Are You Addressing These Serverless Challenges?

Serverless has seen significant growth in the last number of years. And indeed, serverless does allow developers to spend more time doing what they love – working on code. This is important not only from a technical perspective – people do what they love best – but also from a human resources perspective. Experienced developers are costly resources, and it’s in the organization’s best interest to optimally leverage their knowledge and skill.