How to Dynamically Route Requests With Kong Enterprise

Having worked with many customers and prospects at Kong, one of the main requirements we often hear is how to handle dynamic routing based on the URL and headers. In this blog post, I will cover different use cases we come across for dynamic routing and how Kong can address them. The default behavior of an API gateway is to route the incoming request to the appropriate upstream service. If you are new to Kong, a Service object represents the upstream API or Service.


Kuma 0.7.0 Released With New "Zone" Resource, New ProxyTemplate, StatefulSet support And More!

We are happy to announce the general availability of Kuma 0.7! This is very big release that includes countless improvements and updates, specifically when it comes to multi-zone deployments configuration and Kubernetes deployments. We strongly suggest to upgrade to this new version while paying attention to a few breaking changes that 0.7 introduces. For a complete list of features and updates, take a look at the full changelog.

Observability For Your Microservices Using Kong, Kubernetes, and Prometheus

In this video, Kevin Chen, Developer Advocate at Kong, will explain how to set up Prometheus monitoring with Kong Gateway to get black box metrics and observability for all of your services deployed on Kubernetes. This guide can also be applied to other solutions like StatsD, Datadog, Graphite, InfluxDB etc.

The Soft Side of APIs:Making Better Decisions for Building a Technology Stack for APIs and Microservices

At Kong, I get a chance to discuss with various organizations their plans and projects to adopt microservices and expose them with APIs. During these discussions, I’ve started to recognize some patterns that appear with regularity – patterns that have less to do with technology than with people. Technologists and engineers like myself usually do not pay too much attention to the “softer” aspects of technology implementations.


Verifone Trusts Kong to Secure and Govern Nearly Half of the World's Non-Cash Transactions

Before I met with Verifone’s executive team in London last year, candidly I didn’t know much about the company. But after learning about how the company is a global leader in payments solutions at the point of sale, with over 35 million payment terminals worldwide, now I see their logo everywhere I go!


Kong Gateway 2.1 Released!

We are happy to announce the first release in the 2.1 series of our flagship open source API gateway! Since Kong 2.0 was released in January, we have released a number of patch releases, but we have also been busy writing new features as well! This release comes packed with new functionality, ranging from updates for improved P99 latency to new features for gRPC, improvements to your favorite plugins and much more. Here are the highlights.

[Online Meetup] Hybrid Universal Mode in Kuma 0.6

We are happy to announce the much-anticipated Kuma 0.6 release! This new release ships with major improvements, especially when it comes to supporting service meshes that can span across multiple clouds, multiple Kubernetes clusters and hybrid platforms (Kubernetes + VMs) in enterprise environments. Join Kevin Chen, Developer Advocate at Kong, for a demo of the new features in this release including.

Custom Authentication and Authorization Framework with Kong

Kong Enterprise provides many out-of-the-box plugins to support various access control solutions like basic authentication, key authentication, JWT, LDAP, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, among others. Most of the time, you should be able to find a plugin to suit your needs to protect your private or public APIs using Kong Enterprise without the need of writing your own plugins.