Okta and Kong Konnect Part 3: Implementing Introspection Flow

In our third Kong and Okta tutorial, we’ll go through the introspection flow implementation. The introspection flow is part of the token validation process. Kong Gateway evaluates the injected token at the request processing time to see if it's still valid to the upstream services. The evaluation hits a specific Okta endpoint, passing the received token. Based on the response provided by Okta, Kong Gateway accepts or rejects the request.

[Online Meetup] Kong Kubernetes Ingress Controller 2.0

Kong Kubernetes Ingress Controller (OSS) has launched 2.0 with a number of awesome new features and fixes. Overview of 2.0 Major architectural improvements Kubernetes Testing Framework (KTF) & new testing strategies KIC 2.0 controller manager And more Kong’s Online Meetups are a place to learn about technologies within the Kong open source ecosystem. This interactive forum will give you the chance to ask our engineers questions and get ramped up on information relevant to your Kong journey.

Security Game Plan for Your Microservices Applications

The demand for digital transformation has accelerated, with 62% of technology leaders sharing that they fear they are at risk of being displaced by competitors who innovate more quickly. Enterprises are increasingly transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture, with the goal to accelerate application development, speed up innovation and reduce time to market.


"Gateway Mode" in Kuma and Kong Mesh

One of the most common questions I get asked is around the relationship between Kong Gateway and Kuma or Kong Mesh. The linking between these two sets of products is a huge part of the unique “magic” Kong brings to the connectivity space. In this blog post and the video below, we’re going to jump right into breaking down the relationship between these products and how you can use them together. First, let’s break down a couple of the terms that are involved.


Containerization in a Cloud Native World: An Interview With Reza Shafii

Multi-cloud infrastructure is changing the way companies approach their software architecture. What started solely as gateway traffic management has evolved into full lifecycle API management. I recently sat down with Reza Shafii, Kong’s VP of product, for a blog series where we explore how full lifecycle service management ties into the concept of cloud native.


Migrating from Kong Gateway OSS to Konnect

Konnect is a hybrid cloud control plane managed by Kong that launched in May. Konnect provides an easy way to create and configure service configurations through a UI, rather than using the admin API and HTTP requests to configure your Kong Gateway. On top of that, it provides usage analytics, a developer portal and role-based access control for service configuration. If you have a Kong Gateway OSS installation, you may be wondering how you can move your instance over to Konnect.