Infrastructure as Code without Infrastructure

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a powerful process – replacing manual, error prone and expensive operations with automated, consistent and quick provisioning of resources. In many cases, IaC is dependent on existing infrastructure, typically including a configuration management system. Chef, Puppet and SaltStack are all commonly referenced players in this market, each requiring resources to be in place and having their own difficulties in setup and maintenance.

[Online Meetup] Learning Service Mesh From Scratch: from 0 to 100

Service Mesh is the future of application connectivity. It delivers immediate value to any architecture by increasing the security, reliability and observability of our application traffic. At the same time our industry made it challenging to understand and deploy it in production: but it doesn't have to be this way.

[Online Meetup] Mocking APIs with Kong and API Fortress

In this call API Fortress talked about mocking APIs with Kong and API Fortress. You might want to mock APIs to build tests against them before the services are ready, to save money during service development, or to keep your development environments isolated. Learn how API Fortress uses Kong in their API mocking technology. Plus, see a demo.

Kong Gateway 2.0 GA!

After a full year of development since our last major open source release, we are proud to announce the next chapter of our flagship open-source API gateway — Kong Gateway 2.0 is generally available! With this release, Kong will become more operationally agnostic for large-scale deployments across on-premises and multi-cloud environments, thanks to the new Hybrid Mode. In addition, plugin development also becomes more language agnostic, thanks to the new Golang PDK support.


Kuma 0.3.2 Released with Kong Gateway Support, Prometheus Metrics and GUI Improvements!

Happy New Year! To kick off 2020, we’re proud to announce Kuma’s 0.3.2 release that includes long, anticipated features. The most prominent one is Kong Gateway support for ingress into your Kuma mesh. Another exciting feature that was widely requested is Prometheus support, which will enable you to scrape your applications’ metrics. Lastly, we announced the Kuma GUI in the last release. Thanks to a lot of early feedback, we’ve added many exciting improvements in this release.

January Online Meetup - Kong for Kubernetes 0.7

We announced the latest release of Kong for Kubernetes! Features include encrypted credentials, mutual authentication using TLS, native gRPC routing, performance improvements among other things. With this release, Kong for K8s now has 100% coverage of Kong Gateway’s administrative API functions. This means that all the features of the Kong Gateway can now be used natively on Kong for K8s through Kubernetes resources.

Microservices: An Enterprise Software Sea Change

As some of you already know, I have been following the shift towards microservices adoption for a while now. For the longest time, when the industry thought of the transition to microservices, they thought of smaller companies leading the charge. However, I’ve seen large enterprises get value from microservices as well and saw this trickle-in starting in 2016, which is why I am excited to learn this now has achieved mainstream adoption.