[User Group Session] New Live Maps Mobile App, SCOM 2019, and iQ Connector Spotlight: VMware & O365

In this session, we walk you through our new and improved Live Maps mobile app for iOS and Android, explore the SCOM 2019 upgrade path for Live Maps and present the detailed specifications of our Savision iQ connectors for VMware and O365. This will be the first of our iQ Spotlight series, where we will take a deeper dive into the specifications of the iQ connectors we offer.

[User Group Session] CIO Dashboards and Mobile Alerts

Are you pressured to show simple dashboards with proactive messaging on service-outages? In this session, we show you how to create dashboards that make things visible for your manager(s) on both, screen and mobile. We are concentrating on dashboards that do not just show red, but display more detailed and proactive messaging. In an MSP situation, this will be useful to keep end users and the customer in the loop.

Office365, Azure and SCOM - Monitor and Control Hybrid Microsoft Environments

Watch our webinar presented by Zvi Uretzky, Senior Software Developer, and Justin Boerrigter, Technical Sales Manager, to learn about bringing full visibility to your Azure and Office 365 migration, and how to monitor and control your hybrid Microsoft environment.


Savision helps IT teams reduce alert noise and control their IT environment. We smartly and automatically organize IT data from any source into services, speeding up root cause analysis and improving service delivery.

Zvi Uretzky on the State of IT Monitoring

Zvi Uretzky recently joined our team as a Senior Software Developer. After a series of collaborations on a project basis, he decided to move from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam and is now a full-time member of the development team. We were intrigued and wanted to know more about his background and experience, as well as his current views on the industry and the future of monitoring. Continue reading if you are curious, too!