Research Finds Almost 20% of Orgs Still Running Windows 7

Support for Microsoft's 10-year-old operating system, Windows 7, will officially end in six months, yet research shows 18% of larger enterprises still have not migrated to Windows 10. At the beginning of the year, researchers found that 43% of organizations were still running Windows 7, 17% of which had no clue when the official end of life date was for the operating system.


Beware of Phishing Scams during Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is in full effect and so are hackers working on elaborate phishing scams targeting Amazon shoppers. Amazon announced that over one million items will be discounted on July 15 and 16, leaving bargain shoppers racing to buy. But while shoppers are busy searching for the best deals on this Prime Day, malicious actors are looking to scam. McAfee reported a popular phishing kit, 16Shop, recently shifted its attention to Amazon.

NNT & BMC Delivering Automated Intelligent IT Service Management

NNT’s intelligent integration module seamlessly integrates with BMC’s security and ITSM products to effectively mitigate security risks and service downtime and availability. The collaboration of products enables your teams to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities, and systematically address compliance violations whilst improving operational integrity, security and compliance.

ICO Issues Huge Fines to British Airways, Marriott

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) revealed plans this week to fine British Airways and Marriott Hotels as a result of a data breaches that hit the organizations in 2018. On Monday, the ICO said it's planning to fine British Airways a record-breaking fine of $229.34 million for the breach suffered in September 2018. In the attack, hackers were able to divert user traffic to a bogus site, stealing personal data from over 500,000 customers.


SMBs Lack the Resources, Technology, and Visibility Needed to Protect Organizations

A new report has found that despite the growing adoption of advanced cyber security tools, SMBs are still vulnerable to long-lasting security breaches compared to enterprise organizations. The report released by Infocyte claims SMBs are more vulnerable due to the lack of IT staff needed to detect and respond to security threats.


US Coast Guard Reveals Large Vessel Suffered a Cyber Attack

On Monday, July 8, the Coast Guard issued a Marine Safety Alert claiming a vessel was struck by malware back in February. The craft is described as a 'deep draft' vessel on an international voyage which was struck by a "significant cyber attack" on its way to the Port of New York and New Jersey. Fortunately, the crew avoiding losing total control of the ship.


Magecart Attack Hits 960 e-Commerce Stores

Security researchers have discovered an automated Magecart digital skimming campaign that compromised over 960 e-commerce stores in less than 24 hours. Sanguine Security Labs found that the widespread Magecart campaign breached almost 962 e-commerce stores customers' payment details, including full credit card data, names, phone numbers, and billing addresses.


Financial Sector Facing Record Number of Cyber Attacks

Financial services companies in the UK reported over 819 cyber incidents to the Financial Conduct Authority in 2018, a stark increase compared to just 69 reported the previous year. Among those hit, the hardest was retail banks (486), representing almost 60% of the total reported attacks. Followed by wholesale financial markets who reported 115 incidents and retail investment firms who reported 53 incidents.