How to monitor Lambda functions

As serverless application architectures have gained popularity, AWS Lambda has become the best-known service for running code on demand without having to manage the underlying compute instances. From an ops perspective, running code in Lambda is fundamentally different than running a traditional application. Most significantly from an observability standpoint, you cannot inspect system-level metrics from your application servers.


How to Secure Your Data With Serverless Access Points

As our application scales and many services are accessing a multitude of data points for each workload needed, it is difficult to ensure each part of the system has the right set of data access permissions. In today’s world, one of the worse nightmares of a software business is data leaking and data privacy issues. Not only it affects the brand reputation, but could also expose the company to heavy fines and other regulatory sanctions.


Solve The Cold Start Issue with Lambda Provisioned Concurrency

Cold Starts have been a massive issue with FaaS. In summary, it makes functions slower to startup in some cases. That’s in the opposite way of every effort to improve web applications performance. Many efforts have been made in the recent years to solve AWS Lambda cold starts or educate on handling them. Many have mitigated the issue, but none really solved it. AWS has just made a great progress on the area with the Provisioned Capacity feature announcement.


Control your AWS Lambda with Provisioned Concurrency

The serverless operational model allows companies and engineers to be more agile while spending less time dealing with security, scalability, and availability of their applications. More and more teams today, are running and operating mission-critical workloads at massive scale on AWS Lambda and the AWS serverless ecosystem: API Gateway, S3, SNS, SQS and more.


Epsagon Achieves AWS Retail Competency Status

Today, at the re:Invent 2019 Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas, Epsagon has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency. As an AWS Retail Competency Partner, Epsagon has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success across numerous innovative solution areas in retail microservices, and retail transformation. AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.


Introducing: Adaptive Scaling and Function Chaining Auto-Scaling

Cold start is one of the biggest pain-points FaaS users experience. To overcome this, FaaS platforms keep functions “warm” after the first invocation to try and minimize the penalty of cold starts. With time, developers started using it to their advantage and pre-warmed functions. Keeping the functions warm is a limited solution that does not scale and doesn’t solve problems with peaky traffic.


How to Go Serverless With AWS Lambda

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, servers had to be built. A development team requested an environment for their code to run in, and a system administrator or infrastructure engineer plugged in a server and spent hours or days getting it ready to run code. Oh, and by the way, that was only one server of many required to run a web application—and this only happened after budgets were decided and forms were filled out.


Reflecting on re:Invent - The Human Side of Serverless

Another day of re:Invent is over and it’s all been amazing and overwhelming. And yes, the medals really do spin. It was a huge honor to be named an AWS Serverless Hero a few weeks ago. As I prepare for more conference talks in the upcoming months, I’m reflecting on what it means to be granted this honor despite having only written my first lines of code earlier this year.


Monitor AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency metrics with Datadog

Serverless computing continues to be a growing trend, with AWS Lambda as a main driver of adoption. Today, AWS released Provisioned Concurrency, a new feature that makes AWS Lambda more resilient to cold starts during bursts of network traffic. If you’re running a consumer-facing application, slow page loads and request timeouts can degrade the user experience and lead to significant revenue loss.


Provisioned Concurrency: The Last Cold Start Bender!

Today, AWS Lambda has announced “Provisioned Concurrency”. I think it is one of the biggest ones since the launch of AWS Lambda in 2014. As the cold start is one of the biggest pain points of AWS Lambda, people have been already asking such kind of feature. We frankly believe that Provisioned Concurrency will enable companies to migrate their existing applications to serverless a lot more easier than ever.