Berlin, Germany
Jan 13, 2020   |  By Wire
When it comes to switching to a new programming language, timing is of the essence in order to land qualified programmers for the project. The language must be new enough to bring technical progress, and at the same time tested and disseminated in such a way that there are enough qualified programmers who will enjoy working with it.
Dec 16, 2019   |  By Wire
Looking into the crystal ball again - this time for 2020 - Wire highlights some of the trends we see will dominate the headlines for the first year of the new decade. There are some common underpinnings - most notably that data has now become the most valuable commodity and companies are increasingly running on data, becoming massively vulnerable to any interruption or loss. The second is mobile.
Dec 9, 2019   |  By Wire
Messaging Layer Security (MLS) has the potential to be the industry standard when it comes to enterprise collaboration. My colleague, Alan Duric, wrote about the birth of MLS in his blog post, where he outlined how its founding members came together with a vision of transforming enterprise communication.
Dec 6, 2019   |  By Wire
When it comes to personal messaging, people have the option to choose from a range of consumer products that offer various levels of security, including end-to-end encryption. So, for the average person, using secure communication is an option in their everyday life, whether they want it or not. Yet, for business users, there are only a few enterprise options with end-to-end encryption than one would hope for or really expect.
Dec 2, 2019   |  By Wire
Gartner Workstream Collaboration Market Guide Wire is once again prominently featured alongside Slack, Teams, Mattermost, Zoom and Webex in Gartner's Enterprise Workstream Collaboration report for 2020. The report covers all aspects of collaboration products, from features to compliance to integrations and delivery – providing one of the most complete buyer guides available in the market today.
Jan 21, 2020   |  By Wire
Beyond offering the most secure collaboration, Wire is actively leading the work on extending its security standards to become the norm for protecting organizations' digital assets.
Oct 16, 2019   |  By Wire
Our new video featuring poker champion & scientific communicator Liv Boeree is now live! Learn how you can beat the odds when it comes to cybersecurity.
Dec 4, 2018   |  By Wire
Wire’s vision is to shield people’s digital privacy. We’ve done this for 1:1 and group conversations by building the most feature rich, cross-device and secure messaging platform. Today, we’re announcing the launch of our end-to-end encrypted bot API to make the same secure platform available for developers.
Sep 27, 2018   |  By Wire
Rasmus Holst from Wire will give you the keys to bring your company’s communication infrastructure under control while giving employees easy-to-use and secure tools to collaborate.
Aug 24, 2018   |  By Wire
Speaker: Rasmus Holst, CRO, Wire