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Nov 24, 2020   |  By Robin Gray
Cloud services continue to be adopted at a ferocious pace and a lot of research is being conducted on how companies are building IT strategies around the cloud. We’ve poured over the internet to find the best research on cloud.
Nov 20, 2020   |  By Alex Powell
Digital transformation is a double-edged sword. While it can increase worker productivity, improve customer service, and enhance product offerings it is often not an easy journey; IT teams become stretched as they prepare to deploy new applications and continue to support existing services. The deployment can be challenging for any number of reasons but it can be summarised as expensive and painful.
Nov 9, 2020   |  By Robin Gray
On 28 October Suzan Sakarya and Alex Dove introduced our latest solution, Wandera Private Access. Here’s the full webinar with a quick breakdown of the session. The workplace continues to transform. Cloud services are being increasingly adopted and in the light of the global pandemic, the need for remote workers to collaborate effectively has climbed corporate priorities.
Nov 6, 2020   |  By Robin Gray
You’ve probably heard of Zero Trust and been told why you need it, but what is Zero Trust and how can it help your business? There is a lot of ambiguity as to what Zero Trust security actually is. Vendors, analysts and other independents all have slightly different definitions, which has stigmatized it as a buzzword.
Nov 6, 2020   |  By Alex Powell
Remote access services that tunnel traffic, such as SDP or VPN, have different ways of encrypting and routing packets. At the broadest level, is all data encrypted or is only some? And if only some data is being encrypted how do we define which should be? This form of remote access directs all traffic from the device through an encrypted tunnel to the corporate data center.
Nov 2, 2020   |  By Alex Powell
Creating a technology roadmap for your business can feel like an impossible task as there is always something new on the horizon that you need to account for. It doesn’t help that analysts are trying to predict the next big thing, news sites and bloggers are reporting on the latest updates, and vendors are promoting their newest service.
Oct 19, 2020   |  By Alex Powell
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the next generation access solution that is set to be a key part of IT administrators toolkits, displacing longstanding Virtual Private Networks (VPN). There are numerous factors and features that need to be considered when choosing the right ZTNA architecture for your organization. In this guide we breakdown the differences between the two prominent architectures, Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and reverse-proxy, and how to successfully evaluate them.
Oct 15, 2020   |  By Eldar Tuvey
For Wandera the year started with a new brand and a new direction, using our strengths as security experts to establish a circle of trust. Security leaders were telling us that establishing trust was becoming a major challenge for their business, especially when remote users and highly sensitive, data-rich corporate resources were involved.
Oct 2, 2020   |  By Alex Powell
Gone are the days when attacks were orchestrated to earn credibility within the hacker community, according to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Report over 80% of breaches are financially motivated. Cybercriminals use attacks that will have the most impact, seeking the easiest way to get the most reward. VPN services are both easy to exploit and the attacks can have large returns.
Sep 28, 2020   |  By Robin Gray
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the latest security model being pushed by vendors and analysts as the next step in cyberdefense. It is often coupled with calls to deprecate, replace or kill VPN, a technology that has been a mainstay of remote access infrastructure for over 30 years.
Sep 17, 2020   |  By Wandera
It's time to replace legacy VPNs.
Aug 5, 2020   |  By Wandera
Enable simple, secure and fast Zero Trust Network Access to any type of corporate resource.
Jun 8, 2020   |  By Wandera
An extension to the Wandera Security Suite for trusted access to cloud resources.
Apr 27, 2020   |  By Wandera
Michael Covington covers key priorities for IT pros to focus on to enable a safe and productive remote work environment.
Apr 3, 2020   |  By Wandera
Not all apps are created equal. Michael Covington shares tips to make sure you're downloading safe apps and not giving out unnecessary permissions.
Mar 27, 2020   |  By Wandera
Wandera's Michael Covington breaks down scenarios where VPNs are a help or a hindrance for remote working.
Mar 23, 2020   |  By Wandera
As millions adjust to remote working, we wanted to share insights to help you keep yourself, your colleagues and your information secure. Here's Michael J. Covington, with tips on how to avoid scams related to the Coronavirus itself.
Feb 19, 2020   |  By Wandera
Wandera’s threat research team has discovered a number of document management apps that fail to use encryption when transferring files between the user and the backend service.
Feb 4, 2020   |  By Wandera
Mobile threats continue to advance, putting corporate data at substantial risk.
Jan 30, 2020   |  By Wandera

Get in touch to find out how Wandera can protect your data against mobile threats like phishing: https://www.wandera.com/request-a-demo/

Sep 5, 2020   |  By Wandera
Mobile phishing is now the number one threat affecting organizations worldwide. This whitepaper will look at the evolution of mobile phishing - examining why and how people get phished. It will explore the prevalence and severity of enterprise phishing techniques, providing actionable advice for how best to protect your mobile device fleet.
Sep 5, 2020   |  By Wandera
Everybody has a part to play in keeping sensitive information safe from hackers. If you're looking for ways to increase cybersecurity awareness within your organization, we have something you can share.
Sep 1, 2020   |  By Wandera
Mobile security is a relatively new area of enterprise IT and many businesses are looking for a proven formula for securing not just the devices, but also the apps installed on them and the data they access.
Sep 1, 2020   |  By Wandera
People tend to favor Wi-Fi over cellular for obvious reasons - it's usually faster, it doesn't tax your data plan and it's widely available. However, there are a number of inherent risks in allowing your devices to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi networks expose mobile devices to malicious threats, such as man-in-the-middle attacks and sensitive data loss on public hotspots. This report is designed to inform you of the many and varied risks of Wi-Fi and practical steps on how to manage that risk.

Unified real-time security for your remote users, wherever they are and however they connect.

The way enterprises work has changed. Data is stored beyond corporate walls, and a more mobile workforce is working remotely. The perimeter has been redefined. This evolving environment requires a new security model that is mobile and cloud-centric.

Wandera provides a unified cloud security solution to protect this new way of working. We secure enterprise data against cyber threats, apply policies to filter internet access, and enable zero-trust access to applications. We believe in making security simple. This is why we created a unified offering, managed through a single console and supported by the broadest range of ecosystem integrations.

Unified cloud security for your enterprise:

  • In-network protection: Real-time security in the network, blocking zero-day threats at source. Our cloud based SDP creates secure isolated connections for each application. Fast and resilient tunnelling and encryption protocols deliver enterprise grade security.
  • Threat intelligence: Informed by 425 million sensors across our global network, the MI:RIAM threat intelligence engine always stays ahead of the evolving threat landscape.
  • Global network: Our high performance cloud platform scales vertically and horizontally on demand to deliver real-time security across 30+ global locations.
  • Deployment options: Mix and match our endpoint application with a variety of flexible network security options, including our Software Defined Perimeter, to suit your enterprise security needs.
  • Unified policy: Each step of the policy execution flow has been reimagined. Configure once, apply anywhere. Real-time analytics for complete visibility.
  • Ecosystem integrations: Make the most of your security investments and leverage our pre-built integrations to the largest ecosystem of UEM, IAM and SIEM technologies.

Zero Trust. No Hardware. All Cloud.