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Sep 12, 2019   |  By Dr. Christine Izuakor
Industries far and wide are raving about all of the ways that artificial intelligence can help transform the world into a more efficient and productive environment. Within cybersecurity, AI is already leaving a lasting impact. Today it is already being used to alleviate the industry's talent shortage by automating processes, increase the accuracy of alerts, minimize false positives in technology, cut down investigation times during incidents, eliminate the need for passwords, and more!
Sep 10, 2019   |  By Dr. Christine Izuakor
Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords of the year. It seems to be a much-needed answer to many woes across various industries and inherent challenges. While many are embracing the concept, others remain skeptical about the true benefit that artificial intelligence can have in businesses. No matter what side of the fence a company is on, there are some considerations to keep in mind and common mistakes to be mindful of as you embark on your AI journey.
Sep 4, 2019   |  By Veriato
The numbers are shocking. According to the 2019 The State of Work Report, employees spend just 40% of their workday on primary tasks. A Gallup poll showed that disengaged employees cost companies in the United States between $450 and $550 billion per year, and highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable than others. So how can an organization find out what employees are doing when they are on the clock so they can take steps to increase engagement and boost productivity?
Aug 26, 2019   |  By Dr. Christine Izuakor
Companies of various sizes have embraced the concept of the lean startup. Organizations are continually looking for ways to save money and stretch limited budgets to the max. Thanks to the growth in diverse applications of artificial intelligence, technology is helping companies achieve this goal.
Aug 23, 2019   |  By Dr. Christine Izuakor
Companies of all sizes are learning that when it comes to keeping their digital assets safe; being able to monitor what’s going on within their environments makes all the difference. Unfortunately, those same companies have struggled with basic fundamentals such as maintaining accurate asset inventories and deploying the right technology on those assets to gain visibility into their security posture – two components critical to the effectiveness of traditional visibility programs.
Aug 23, 2018   |  By Veriato
Since you’re reading this guide, it’s likely you recognize the threat insiders pose to an organization and the need to proactively build a plan to monitor, detect, and respond to potential and active threats. Insiders pose a real threat – 28% of data breaches are perpetrated by insiders, and institutional fraud is almost always an insider.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Veriato
Organizations focused on security threats tend to focus on the external attacker. Solutions used to secure the perimeter, endpoints, email, and data are put in place. While absolutely necessary, they organizations lack the ability to equally protect against the insider – the employee that puts the organization at risk through either malicious intent or negligence.
May 30, 2018   |  By Veriato
Someday, sometime, an employee with access to sensitive data, intellectual property, or trade secrets is going to leave your company, which makes their departure risky to the organization. Sure, you’ve “trusted” them as part of their employment, but when the time comes to change jobs, you can’t always be certain about the motive for the move.
May 11, 2018   |  By Veriato
The results of the SANS survey on insider threats show that organizations are starting to recognize the importance of protecting against the insider threat but struggle to deal with it; as one might expect, larger organizations are more likely to have provisions for responding to such threats.
May 10, 2018   |  By Veriato
The class of cyber actor with the greatest capacity to cause harm to organizations is not the so called state-sponsored hacker or cyber-terrorists. It is the “insider” – the company’s employees, ex-employees, and trusted vendors.
Aug 27, 2019   |  By Veriato
Insider threats have become the Achilles' heel of most corporate security strategies that rely primarily on access management, network analysis or trying to lock down sensitive documents.
Aug 22, 2019   |  By Veriato
How criminals extort businesses using RansomWare services from the DarkWeb.
Aug 20, 2019   |  By Veriato
Insider Threats - Are they the hole in your security strategy?
Aug 8, 2019   |  By Veriato
Sophisticated data theft and other covert malicious actions by Insiders can involve covering their tracks with tools to erase data, hide data or even appear to be activities other than what actually occurred.
Jul 1, 2019   |  By Veriato
How to leverage technologies to alert and block Dark Web access.