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Jul 16, 2019   |  By Greg Pollock
On 10 July 2019, Atlassian released a security advisory for a critical severity vulnerability in most versions of Jira Server and Jira Data Center. The vulnerability was introduced in version 4.4.0, released in 2011, and affects versions as recent as 8.2.2, released on 13 June 2019. The good news is that users of Jira Cloud are not affected. But how many organizations are running Jira Server or Jira Data Center, and are vulnerable to this attack?
Jun 24, 2019   |  By Kelly Rethmeyer
Data is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable assets in the modern world. The digital giants that monopolize data are arguably the most powerful companies in the world, prompting ongoing conversations about anti-trust legislation and digital privacy. Despite the overwhelming value controlled by these entities, as we'll see, even companies such as Facebook are vulnerable to the byproduct of the rapid move to digitization -- the data breach epidemic.
Jun 6, 2019   |  By UpGuard
Those interested in how data breaches occur should be familiar with the general topography of the Internet. In our previous piece, we discussed the difference between the surface web, deep web and dark web. Most estimates about the topography of the Internet conclude that the deep web makes up between 95%-99% of all web sites. The dark web likely comprises less than 1%, while the surface web accounts for only a few percentage points itself. Nearly the entire Internet is the deep web.
May 28, 2019   |  By UpGuard
According to the Cisco 2018 Asia Pacific Security Capabilities Benchmark Study, 90 percent of Australian companies report that they receive up to 5,000 cyberthreats per day. For cybercriminals, Australia’s superannuation funds, banks, and insurers make for attractive targets. It is essential that these industries can protect and secure their data, including the data of their clients and customers, and respond quickly and robustly if a critical cyber-attack occurs.
May 27, 2019   |  By Kaushik Sen
Most descriptions of the Internet contain three layers, or levels: the surface web, the deep web, and the dark web. These categorizations can be both useful and misleading. The words “deep” and “dark” carry connotations with them that often obscure the technical and logical reasons for their designation.
Nov 7, 2018   |  By UpGuard
You understand the risks that third party vendors pose to your business, and you're ready to do something about it. What are the capabilities you need to understand your cyber risk, manage your vendors, and avoid data breaches?
Sep 6, 2018   |  By UpGuard
The fact that one has to "make a case" for Microsoft in the DevOps sphere puts them at a disadvantage, especially competing against major open source options with large community bases and proven performance. But, moving forward, one can expect the gap between Microsoft and other tools to close further, as they continue pressing their business in this direction.
Sep 6, 2018   |  By UpGuard
Perhaps your organization is looking to make a transition from traditional IT operations and development practices to DevOps, or you're looking to realign your career path with DevOps to position yourself more favorably to future opportunities. Whatever your motivations are, this eBook will provide you with foundation knowledge for boosting your career with DevOps.
Sep 1, 2018   |  By UpGuard
ServiceNow® customers optimizing their IT service delivery and management processes require deeper context and detail level behind IT asset changes--information the leading help desk automation and incident reporting platform does not provide. In this report you’ll learn how UpGuard fills this visibility and awareness gap, keeping ServiceNow® in line with the true state of your environment.
Sep 1, 2018   |  By UpGuard
Cybersecurity is officially dead. Worldwide spending on security-related hardware, software and services rose to $73.7 billion in 2016 from $68.2 billion a year earlier, according to researcher IDC. This number is expected to approach $90 billion in 2018.
Jan 26, 2016   |  By UpGuard
Get a full change report / detailed change audit for your entire enterprise environment with UpGuard.
Jan 26, 2016   |  By UpGuard
Learn how to manage an enterprise desktop environment with UpGuard.
Jan 26, 2016   |  By UpGuard
Learn how to scan and manage vulnerabilities (CVEs) across your entire environment with UpGuard.
Jan 26, 2016   |  By UpGuard
See how UpGuard is can help you manage IT Risk for your business and is revolutionizing the cyber security and insurance industries.