Portland, OR, USA
Jan 23, 2020   |  By Graham Cluley
A new report into the state of ransomware at the tail end of 2019 has revealed that things aren’t getting any better. In Q4 of 2019, according to the new study published by security firm Coveware, the average ransom payment more than doubled – reaching $84,116, up from $41,198 in Q3 of 2019.
Jan 22, 2020   |  By David Bisson
Digital attacks are a top concern for Industrial Control System (ICS) security professionals. In a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 88 percent of these personnel told Tripwire that they were concerned about the threat of a digital attack. An even greater percentage (93 percent) attributed their concerns to the possibility of an attack producing a shutdown or downtime.
Jan 21, 2020   |  By Rita Nygren
Requesting that a SaaS company answer a Vendor Security request has become a regular thing for companies who work in the cloud. But have you thought about how the reverse works, that is, when your customer has a VSA process focusing on you?
Jan 21, 2020   |  By Tripwire Guest Authors
As a security consultant, I’m not going into an environment to design and build an organization’s network from the ground up in most situations. For the majority of the time, I’m working with legacy environments where some old technologies might be phasing out and newer ones joining the mix of solutions.
Jan 19, 2020   |  By Anastasios Arampatzis
The NIS Directive is the first EU horizontal legislation addressing cybersecurity challenges and a true game-changer for cybersecurity resilience and cooperation in Europe. The Directive has three main objectives. The NIS Directive is the cornerstone of the EU’s response to the growing cyber threats and challenges which are accompanying the digitalization of our economic and societal life.
Jun 4, 2019   |  By Tripwire
Learn how to use security File Integrity Monitoring effectively and strategically in your organization.
Jan 24, 2019   |  By Tripwire
Achieving DevOps security is as much a cultural effort as it is a technical one, and quality gates present the perfect opportunity to bridge the gap. Because they function within the bounds of regular DevOps processes, tools that bake security into the CI/CD pipeline by way of quality gates are more likely to win DevOps teams over.
Oct 26, 2018   |  By Tripwire
Learn how Log Management can complement SIEM, Security Analytics and Big Data tools within your organization.
Oct 26, 2018   |  By Tripwire
Establish and sustain the Four Essential Pillars of Federal Cybersecurity
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Tripwire
How to introduce security without losing the benefits of containers.
Dec 10, 2019   |  By Tripwire
Most industrial organizations are behind the curve when it comes to cybersecurity, facing mounting complexities like the IIoT, the skills gap, and the IT/OT divide. But what about industrial organizations that are already taking steps in the right direction and need to know what awaits them on the horizon? For industrial leaders who have already invested time in learning the basics of modern industrial cybersecurity, this expert panel webcast will explore what comes next.
Dec 4, 2019   |  By Tripwire
Did you know cybercriminals don't need to place malware on your system to get in? Travis Smith, Principal Security Researcher at Tripwire, explains how fileless malware works and how to defend against it.
Nov 12, 2019   |  By Tripwire
Tripwire File Analyzer is tightly integrated with Tripwire Enterprise to add valuable context by revealing the behavior of files. Learn more here:
Oct 29, 2019   |  By Tripwire
As cloud adoption matures, many organizations still struggle to determine the best approach for their environment. Tim Erlin, VP of Product Management and Strategy at Tripwire, breaks down what differentiates hybrid cloud from multi-cloud, and how enterprises are utilizing both to meet their needs.
Oct 23, 2019   |  By Tripwire
In this on-demand webcast, hear from industry experts Tim Erlin (Tripwire VP of Product Management and Strategy) and Thom Langford (experienced CISO and Founder of (TL)2 Security Ltd) as they discuss the top traits needed by successful CISOs today.