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Oct 2, 2018
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Feb 22, 2019   |  By Md Mohsin Ansari
With the growing and busy times, productivity is something everyone looks forward to. It doesn’t matter if you are working or in school or just trying to develop a hobby, you can find a way to be productive in multiple ways. To enhance one’s productivity and skills certain tools have been developed digitally that can not only help plan your day ahead but also keep track of your progress.
Feb 11, 2019   |  By Liam McIvor Martin
Monitoring employees can be one of the best ways to keep track of hours, ensure productivity rates, and monitor how much time is going to specific projects and clients. That is, it can be beneficial if it’s done correctly. When it comes to employee monitoring, there are obviously privacy concerns involved. Employees may wonder what you are monitoring, whether or not you are monitoring with their consent, and when you are monitoring their activity.
Jan 24, 2019   |  By Liam McIvor Martin
Hiring a software developer can be scary. After all, they’re expensive. And it’s hard to separate those who are good vs. those who can talk a good game. But let’s face it. If you’re looking to incorporate an app into your service offering, or streamline your operations, then you’ll need to hire a developer. It’s as simple as that.
Jan 23, 2019   |  By Liam McIvor Martin
We’ve all done it. Taken a quick break from work to check our Facebook feed and then ended up watching cat videos on loop. Very often, those few second breaks turn into minutes, and before you realize it, you have wasted hours reading random stuff on your friend’s timeline. Wouldn’t it be great if your manager could give you a nudge every time you wandered off into Facebook’s enticing maze?
Jan 18, 2019   |  By Liam McIvor Martin
Looking to outsource customer service department? You are not alone. Almost 54% of all companies utilize third-party support teams to connect with customers. Want to know an interesting fact? The outsourced customer care services industry is set to become a $110 billion industry by 2024!
Jul 2, 2018   |  By Time Doctor
Short video showing how to use the screenshots page in Time Doctor.
Jul 2, 2018   |  By Time Doctor
Short video showing how to set up work schedules in Time Doctor.
Jun 28, 2018   |  By Time Doctor
Rob Rawson CEO of Time Doctor explains why he started the company.
May 22, 2018   |  By Time Doctor
Why most time-tracking software is completely flawed?
May 17, 2018   |  By Time Doctor
Short video showing how to edit time in Time Doctor.