Jul 27, 2018

Website Monitoring without the effort. Testomato monitors your website 24/7 for outages and glitches.

Testomato is an easy automated website testing and monitoring service for online businesses who can't afford website problems that cost them customers. Save time with code-free setup and automate tests to find problems before they become expensive mistakes!

Why Testomato?

  • Quick Setup: Start running checks in seconds to verify your website is working. Monitor the interactions most important for your customers by automatically testing them on set intervals.
  • Instant Alerts: Reduce your time-to-resolution. Testomato can run website checks every minute and monitors uptime performance every 15 seconds!
  • Easy-to-read reports: Track site performance to identify error patterns and prevent future issues. Stay one step ahead of problems!

Testomato monitors your website for problems that make your business vulnerable.

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