San Francisco, CA, USA
Mar 1, 2019   |  By Siglos
Siglos is very happy that our core Siglos Unified Operations Platform has been globally certified by AWS for Cloud Governance, bringing customers advanced policy-driven security, reliability, and standardization capabilities. This process was part of our work in China, where the Siglos platform is branded as OpsStack, and where it also supports Aliyun, Tencent, and Huawei clouds. These capabilities will soon be expanded globally for Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare, and OpenStack.
Aug 13, 2017   |  By Siglos
We all love troubleshooting. Well, maybe not so much. In fact, it’s a pain in the butt and rarely fun for anyone, least-of-all the business folks whose system is down, losing revenue and reputation. And yet, astonishing little has been done to improve this situation in the last decade. In fact, one can argue that dynamic distributed systems, Docker, Lambda, etc. are making it harder to keep things running and fix them when they break.
Jul 16, 2017   |  By Siglos
Siglos is a great unified operations platform, destined to become the ERP of Operations. But why did we build it? Our other life is as a large-scale Managed Service Provider (MSP), having started in physical servers, then private clouds, and now public clouds as a key MSP partner of AWS, Alicloud, and others. So we have long and deep experience designing, building, and managing hundreds of large on-line systems, many of which scale to tens and hundreds of millions of users.
Jun 4, 2017   |  By Siglos
Ops Tools - they are everywhere, helping drive DevOps, Cloud Adoption, and trying to improve the sanity of overworked Ops teams. But we're struck lately that many Ops Tools companies live in a fantasy land that few real-world ops teams nor customers really inhabit.
May 3, 2017   |  By Siglos
We know everything. About everything. Everything there is to know. About your IT or Cloud System, that is. How is that possible? Our Siglos platform discovers and models your full-stack system, including every part of the infrastructure, OS, services, configurations, options, and more. It literally knows everything about everything. And of course if you’ve not yet built your system, you can use Siglos to design, model, build, and change it, from the bottom up.
Aug 27, 2017   |  By OpsStack
Demo of our OpsStack Full-Stack Operations Platform.
Aug 7, 2017   |  By OpsStack
How and why OpsStack uses Machine Learning and AI for advanced operations.
Aug 7, 2017   |  By OpsStack
Why you need AI in modern Operations.
Aug 7, 2017   |  By OpsStack
What we mean by Full-Stack, Full-LifeCycle, and why it's important.
Aug 7, 2017   |  By OpsStack
Why we created Siglos and why we think the market needs it.