Server Density

Sep 28, 2018

Server Density is a SaaS business providing simple server and website monitoring to customers all over the world. Get alerts when your website is slow or down, backed up with the server stats to find out why.

Stay in control with monitoring alerts:

  • Alert on any metric: Trigger alerts on any data sent to us via our agent, API, SNMP or statsd.
  • Easily manage large environments: Group based configurations with inheritance for reducing duplication.
  • Alert on errors or other reported state: Regex triggers for matching complex strings and numbers.
  • Reduce false alerts and floods: Wait and delay options ensure your alerts are real.
  • Process monitoring: Alert on running processes, services and system resource usage.
  • Automated alert management: Use our API to create and update alert configuration.

Proactive infrastructure monitoring for cloud, servers & websites. We're available on Linux, Windows, iPhone & Android.

May 14, 2018   |  By Lance Crosby
We’re proud to share that Server Density is now part of StackPath. If you aren’t familiar with Server Density, it’s a powerful monitoring solution for cloud, servers, and websites.
Nov 16, 2017   |  By David Mytton
Earlier this year, we completed a migration to a new time series database (OpenTSDB) backed by a new datastore (Google Cloud Bigtable). There were many reasons for this migration but one of the main ones was to support a range of new features we wanted to build on top of it.
Jul 4, 2017   |  By David Mytton
Peer review is a well established concept in the scientific world, leading to higher quality work, improvements to techniques and an avenue for individuals to learn by examining the work of others. Following those ideas, code reviews are an important part of our approach to engineering at Server Density.
May 24, 2017   |  By David Mytton
HumanOps came from experience of Server Density’s team being on call. In the early years, I was on call 24/7 for long periods of time. As the team grew, we implemented policies and processes to help share the load and deal with the challenges of being interrupted or woken up.
Jan 21, 2017   |  By Server Density
Our process for visualizing and graphing monitoring metrics, as presented at Monitorama EU (Berlin) 2013.
Oct 31, 2016   |  By Server Density
Did you know? About 2 percent of world energy expenditure goes into datacenters. That's according to Anne Curie, co-founder of Microscaling Systems who spoke at the most recent HumanOps event here in London.
Oct 25, 2016   |  By Server Density
Bob Walker of GOV.UK speaking at the recent HumanOps event here in London.
Oct 20, 2016   |  By Server Density
Francesc Zacarias of Spotify speaking at the recent HumanOps event here in London.
Sep 20, 2016   |  By Server Density
HumanOps drives a lot of what we do here at Server Density. But HumanOps is not about one feature or even one company. There are several teams out there that are doing amazing work in this space. To bring all those efforts to the forefront, to celebrate, and to push the HumanOps agenda forward, we are organising HumanOps events around the world.