Server Density

Server Density is a SaaS business providing simple server and website monitoring to customers all over the world. Get alerts when your website is slow or down, backed up with the server stats to find out why.

Stay in control with monitoring alerts:

  • Alert on any metric: Trigger alerts on any data sent to us via our agent, API, SNMP or statsd.
  • Easily manage large environments: Group based configurations with inheritance for reducing duplication.
  • Alert on errors or other reported state: Regex triggers for matching complex strings and numbers.
  • Reduce false alerts and floods: Wait and delay options ensure your alerts are real.
  • Process monitoring: Alert on running processes, services and system resource usage.
  • Automated alert management: Use our API to create and update alert configuration.

Proactive infrastructure monitoring for cloud, servers & websites. We're available on Linux, Windows, iPhone & Android.