Campbell, CA, USA
Dec 5, 2019   |  By Samepage
Today is a big day that marks the future of Samepage development. We have a new document type called Task Board to please all the task lovers and project managers. We know you love tasks. You create thousands of them every day. But sometimes tasks on pages are just not enough due to the nature of the page. You might want to sort them, hide completed ones, or maybe organize them in some different way. And team tasks are missing the general conversation as you have on a page.
Dec 2, 2019   |  By Samepage
Remember the last time you were on a group video call? You might have been on mute (so others don't hear your crunchy snack). But then you wanted to express your agreement/disagreement with what is being discussed and now what? Turning on your mic only to say "yes" and then turn it off again is too much of a burden. You may don't want to interrupt the speaker as she/he continues. And if you're an introvert type of personality, it's even worse. We know that feeling oh so well.
Nov 25, 2019   |  By Samepage
Video calling is one of our crucial collaboration features. To be in touch is especially vital for co-located offices. During the last few weeks, we have been working hard improving our video calling solution. Video calling in Samepage has quite a few advantages over using third-party standalone software like Skype, JoinMe, or Zoom. Admittedly, it's not the most advanced; on the other hand, it allows you to remain in the context, which is essential for productivity.
Nov 21, 2019   |  By Samepage
It happens to all chats with multiple people eventually. Several distinct questions get asked at the same time, and people start chatting about them one over another. Various topics get discussed, replied, argued about, forgotten, lost, found, started over, argued about again, and so on. It's easy to get lost and hard to escape without a headache.
Nov 14, 2019   |  By Samepage
We borrowed Mark Zuckerberg's quote for the title of this post because we find it quite fitting. Let's see Samepage's take on it.
Jul 12, 2017   |  By Samepage
This demo walks you through Samepage step by step and gives you a clear understanding of how to start collaborating with your team, your entire organization, and even outside contractors, clients, etc.
Apr 14, 2017   |  By Samepage
Learn how to forward emails to Samepage with our Zapier integration.
Mar 9, 2017   |  By Samepage
Quick tutorial on creating a recurring task.
Feb 21, 2017   |  By Samepage
How do you integrate your favorite apps with Samepage? With a little help from Zapier, it’s easy! Check out this video to learn how.
Dec 6, 2016   |  By Samepage
Create a page to bring ideas to life. Organize information like files, tasks, events, and more. Co-author content with your team at the same time and see every edit in real time.