Oct 7, 2018

SaltStack is unique in offering event-driven automation for cloud and container control, infrastructure and application configuration management, DevOps and security compliance solutions for enterprise IT and web-scale data center environments. SaltStack is the most scalable, flexible and efficient systems management platform available today and provides substantially more value and functionality compared to legacy alternatives.

SaltStack for SecOps defines the new standard for compliance enforcement:

  • Define: Build custom policies with industry-standard compliance profiles, such as CIS and DISA STIGS, then apply them automatically across your digital footprint.
  • Detect: Run continuous, item-level policy checks to locate non-compliant systems or applications anywhere in your environment.
  • Enforce: Use autonomous policy enforcement to fix violations automatically. Or kick off a remediation workflow so your teams can flag and prioritize issue resolution.

With SaltStack Enterprise you can:

  • Orchestrate and automate smarter: Use event-driven automation to transform complex systems into a central IT nervous system that senses, learns, and reacts to important events anywhere in your environment.
  • Manage everything with a single platform: Manage and automate your entire hybrid-cloud environment, whether it’s on-prem, in the cloud, across the network, or all of the above. SaltStack’s flexible architecture supports all major operating systems. New cloud instances and virtual machines are automatically integrated into SaltStack for full configuration and ongoing management.
  • Increase IT efficiency: IT teams can use SaltStack’s intuitive user interface to perform complex functions like configuration management and orchestration. And, because jobs in SaltStack can be built, stored, and scheduled, IT teams spend less time and fewer resources executing routine functions.

SaltStack Enterprise is powered by Salt, the popular open source remote execution and configuration management platform. Contact us for SaltStack Enterprise support, training and professional services options.

Sep 25, 2018   |  By Jenn Diffley
A vulnerability is an exploitable weakness in a system or product, or it could be a weakness through design or a business decision. For the top 10 worst vulnerabilities of 2018, we used the known vulnerabilities listed through the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) resource.
Sep 21, 2018   |  By David Strom
On the final day of SaltConf18, Cyndi Tetro, the head of the nonprofit Utah Women’s Technology Council and the CEO for ForgeDX, led the audience through a detailed description of how the physical world is the catalyst behind change and innovation in the digital universe.
Sep 14, 2018   |  By David Strom
Security managers go through stages of grief when their networks are breached by hackers and malware. There's the initial shock of the breach, then denial that their equipment was at fault, and then anger at the hackers for having targeted their company.
Sep 12, 2018   |  By Jenn Diffley
Salt Lake City is often misunderstood, but if you know where to look, it can be one of the coolest cities you’ll ever visit. It’s easy to navigate, too: we’ve got great transportation and the city is safe and easily walkable.
Sep 12, 2018   |  By David Strom
The annual SaltStack user conference brought about 600 customers and partners to the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City for several days of training, tutorials, how-to workshops and demonstrations.
Oct 7, 2018   |  By SaltStack
The paper outlines how SaltStack Enterprise software is unique compared to other systems management tools and how SaltStack Enterprise builds on Salt open source software to create the first enterprise-grade, event-driven automation platform for a software-defined world.
Sep 14, 2018   |  By SaltStack
SaltStack is intelligent, event-driven IT automation software used to help secure and manage the world's most complex digital business infrastructures at scale.
Mar 5, 2018   |  By SaltStack
Created by Gareth Greenaway, this is a demonstration of SaltStack intelligent automation for Kubernetes control using a demo kit comprised of 12 Raspberry Pis. One Pi acts as the Salt Master and another is acting as a Kubernetes control node. The rest are Salt Minions and Kubernetes nodes. A scheduled job with a Salt State runs every 30 seconds and changes the number of containers running.
Dec 6, 2017   |  By SaltStack
A SaltConf17 keynote by Alex Peay, SaltStack VP of product. SaltStack Enterprise represents the best of SaltStack products and technologies to deliver event-driven automation for a software-defined world. Alex shares an overview of current and upcoming SaltStack Enterprise capabilities.
Dec 6, 2017   |  By SaltStack
The SaltConf17 opening keynote by Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO and co-founder. SaltStack has come a long way in five years as the event-driven automation platform for a software-defined world. Marc provides highlights and milestones.
Dec 6, 2017   |  By SaltStack
A SaltConf17 keynote by Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO and co-founder. Thomas discusses the evolving information technology landscape and how SaltStack event-driven automation is built specifically to help secure and manage a software-defined world.