Sep 13, 2018
Cambridge, New Zealand

Do you want a good uptime on your servers? The Pingability service monitors your servers (including web page checks, and email server checks). We can alert you if the server goes down so you can respond rapidly.

Pingability can monitor basic web pages, of course, but it can also check SSL secured URLs at no extra cost, check for the existence or absence of a keyword on that page and check the page responds within a certain time.

But the Internet is about more than web pages. Pingability can also check SMTP (Email), DNS, FTP and other Ports (e.g. to check if SSH is running).

Get alerted when things go wrong:

  • Alerts only when there is a real problem: You can tell the service to alert you based on rules you specify. e.g. on the first outage, or when the server comes back up, or if there are, say, five outages in a two hour period.
  • Alerts via Email, SMS, phone call: We can send out alerts via SMS or email. We can even send out an automated phone call.
  • SSH actions: You can have our service run any SSH commands you like in the event of a problem. e.g. to restart your web or database server. Or even to reboot your server. The SSH actions are unique to's service.
  • Avoid unnecessary alerts: You can setup 'events' so the service does not send out alerts during scheduled maintenance.
  • Multiple recipients:You can alert multiple people/devices in the event of a failure or the site coming back up.

The Pingability site is part of the same company that operates, the VPS hosting company. This background lets us leverage the technical expertise of our staff and our strong hosting infrastruture so that we can provide a reliable, usable monitoring service to both technical and non-technical users.

Jul 5, 2018   |  By Liz Quilty
LetsEncrypt/Certbot is a wonderful cheap way to have an SSL cert to secure things. It works out of the box and no issues for the most part until you have things like proxy pass or other things. The fix is fairly easy however, and this works well in particular with those running tomcat behind apache.
Jun 3, 2018   |  By Alex
The latest long term support (LTS) release of Ubuntu is now available for new installs. Ubuntu 18.04, also known as Bionic Beaver can be ordered at It's also an option to consider if you reinstall an existing VPS.
Apr 25, 2018   |  By Liz Quilty
We are currently seeing a high volume of Drupal exploits running a lot of arbitrary code, including crypto mining, attacking other servers and similar due to this exploit.
Jan 5, 2018   |  By Peter Bryant
Our team is working on the best approach to secure our customers' systems against the recently reported Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Our first step is to understand the problem and its mitigations.
Dec 6, 2017   |  By Juan Rossi
SSL is good, you should use it everywhere! Letsencrypt it is a project that allows you to obtain signed certificates for free (you should consider donating though) to secure your website. Big efforts have been done to make this accessible to anyone.