Jun 18, 2020   |  By Sanjay Chikarmane
DataOps is data management for the AI era. It offers new opportunities for emerging industry leaders by simultaneously instituting agility, improving quality, and increasing production success. Here, I will outline how you can solve some of your biggest data management issues with Lumada solutions, which power some of the top organizations in the world. Let’s first discuss data friction and how to remove it.
Apr 17, 2020   |  By Sanjay Chikarmane
Effectively managing data in an edge-to-cloud world is becoming increasingly complex. Enterprises need data management simplicity and agility to maximize the benefits they can get from their data. The enterprise that will succeed will shift resources away from mundane data management tasks to focus on using data to innovate and add business value.
Mar 26, 2020   |  By Alex Gorelik
As you may have heard, Hitachi Vantara recently announced the intent to acquire the assets of Waterline Data. Today, that deal has become official and, as Waterline’s founder, let me say we’re super excited about our strategic role in furthering Hitachi Vantara’s vision to become the world’s preferred digital innovation partner.
Mar 10, 2020   |  By Bobby Soni
Container technology promises to usher in the biggest step change in infrastructure economics since server virtualization. By some estimates, customers are saving as much as 50% on infrastructure costs by switching from hosting cloud native applications in their own data centers to hosting containerized versions of those applications in a private, hybrid or public cloud.
Jan 22, 2020   |  By Brad Surak
The opportunity to create new economic, social and environmental value by unlocking the “good” in data is immense. While the problems we face as a society may be getting harder to solve, the advances we can make when we break down the silos between the physical and digital worlds are profound.
Nov 11, 2018   |  By Pentaho
Data is your most valuable asset, and you need to make the most of it. This e-book explains how intelligent data governance solutions that extend across your private and public cloud data footprint can help drive more business value from your data and simplify compliance for your organization.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Pentaho
TABB Group Perspective - Achieving Competitive Advantages with Innovative Data Management Strategies
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Pentaho
Download this e-book to discover the most common big data use cases that organizations are implementing.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Pentaho
Read this ebook to know about common tactical and strategic mistakes to avoid when implementing Hadoop, which are identified by executives and IT teams.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Pentaho
Read this white paper to see how Hitachi Vantara introduces predictive maintenance in the smart rail sector. Hitachi's IoT solutions emphasize railway engineering elements, IT and data-mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics and rail as a service.
Jul 10, 2020   |  By Pentaho
Join two data engineers and analysts in pulling back the curtain on real customer engagements, showing how to select and implement advanced data science and analytic techniques. In this session we will discuss our implementation of two data science models at a large agricultural products manufacturer: a propensity-to-buy model and a recommendation engine. We will discuss how each of these models works and how they were implemented for our client.
Jul 10, 2020   |  By Pentaho
To gain the full benefits of the DataOps strategy, your data lakes must change. The traditional concept of bringing all data to one place, whether on-premises or in the cloud, raises questions of timing, scale, organization and budget. The answer? Data fabric. It replaces traditional data lake organization concepts with a more flexible and economical architecture. In this session, we'll define what a data fabric is, show you how you can begin organizing around the concept, and discuss how to align it to your business objectives.
Jul 6, 2020   |  By Pentaho
Many of us working in system design and development spend our careers without seeing what "good" really looks like. Learn how continuous delivery changes the economics of data and software for some of the biggest companies in the world.
Jul 2, 2020   |  By Pentaho
DataOps matters, especially in today’s uncertain times. Data management and analytics are crucial to respond faster and drive results for your business, your customers and society. That’s why we built DataOps.NEXT to help you get from now to what’s next, with data. We’ll bring out Dr. Jennifer Hall, the chief of data science for American Heart Association (AHA) to discuss how Hitachi Vantara and AHA have worked together to support research for COVID-19. Tune in for Pedro Alves, Hitachi Vantara’s head of product design and designated “Community Guy.” He’ll provide our vision and strategy for DataOps, including an update on Pentaho Open Source and Enterprise Edition
May 26, 2020   |  By Pentaho
Unstructured data, in the form of voice, image, text, chat and email, is growing rapidly and financial entities are finding it unmanageable. In this short video, find out how Hitachi Vantara can help.