Montreal, Canada
Nov 29, 2019   |  By Victoria Louie
Across the worlds of CRM, project management, and support work, there are a multitude of different tools and software that can be used. In some cases where departments are large enough to support integrating their tools with other team’s tools, it’s not a concern using so many different tools to get work done. However, there are many companies that require close communication between teams that are hindered by their usage of separate, disparate tools.
Nov 20, 2019   |  By Lillian Tirado
When setting up meetings, pitches, training, and events, the ideal manager makes a special effort to deliver an immersive experience by evaluating, tracking, and evaluating the audience’s level of engagement to achieve the best outcome of the event possible. After all, a high level of user engagement is perhaps the most subjective measure of a successful event. Certain companies are specialized in developing event technology geared towards refining the conventions of audience engagement.
Nov 18, 2019   |  By Derek
If your job is to manage an end-user or customer support organization, one thing you really need a handle on is the flow of support emails into, and out of, your department. You need to be sure that you are capturing all incoming tickets, as well as all responses on those tickets. You also need to be able to audit all outgoing email sent by your team and the messages on conversations they are having with customers.
Nov 12, 2019   |  By Victoria Louie
In this day and age, all aspects of life are progressively going online. This extends to even behemoths of organizations such as governments. Historically, governments have often lagged behind in keeping up with the most current technological landscape, opting instead to focus on running their jurisdictions and disciplines.
Nov 6, 2019   |  By Victoria Louie
It’s not uncommon for growing businesses to build out their own support teams. No matter what industry, if there is a website that customers and users interact with, that technology will need someone to maintain and update it. For businesses with multiple locations, it can be even more critical for their websites to remain up-to-date as that can be the main unifying entry point for customers in any location.
Nov 12, 2019   |  By OneDesk
OneDesk combines project management and helpdesk into a single app. This webinar provides an introduction to the major features of OneDesk.
May 13, 2019   |  By OneDesk
This is a quick tour around the web application to show you where everything is located.
May 13, 2019   |  By OneDesk
OneDesk is software that combines helpdesk with project management. This video describes the messenger interface where you can live chat in real-time with your customers and team members.
May 13, 2019   |  By OneDesk
OneDesk combines helpdesk and project management into one comprehensive app.
Mar 25, 2019   |  By OneDesk
This video provides an overview of what statuses are as well as how and where to configure them.