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Sep 29, 2022   |  By curatauser
Maximizing the value of streaming data requires carefully navigating operational tradeoffs when developing and managing cloud native applications. Organizations that are rapidly producing and processing high volumes of data — like Netflix, Salesforce, Shopify and even the United States Postal Service (USPS), are constantly applying and testing new methods to manage the complexity of data streaming in the cloud.
Sep 26, 2022   |  By Nastel Technologies
Banking is about financial transactions. These are executed by sending payments and instructions over middleware. If you control the middleware, then you control the business. If the middleware fails, then the company fails. If you can see and analyze the transactions going through the middleware, you can see the business itself. And if you have real-time analytics of that data and it’s automatically actioned, then you can innovate and accelerate the company’s development.
Sep 20, 2022   |  By curatauser
Today’s enterprises can relate to this logic, especially concerning digital transformation projects. They have broken systems that need fixing, but they also spend a lot of effort fixing systems that don’t necessarily need those levels of intervention. Specifically, companies often face a dilemma: digital modernisation requires apps and systems to be upgraded and operate in the new technology norms. Yet those same systems often exist for good reasons.
Sep 19, 2022   |  By curatauser
You can integrate Edge Flow Manager (EFM) with Apache Kafka and forward agent heartbeats to defined Kafka topics. Learn how to perform the integration with Apache Kafka. To integrate EFM with Kafka, you need to configure Kafka and EFM properties. EFM supports the forwarding of agent heartbeats and acknowledges messages exchanged on the C2 protocol between the EFM server and MiNiFi agents.
Sep 16, 2022   |  By Nastel Technologies
Service automation is the process of automating processes, events, tasks, and business functions. It offers multidimensional visibility of the business, which helps you streamline the business process. It integrates the domain functionality tools with various layers of automation within a unified interface or workflows.
Sep 15, 2022   |  By Nastel Technologies
Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are complex things. There are so many things to know. These days human life has changed because of AI. So, before understanding the differences, let’s know about different factors. If I have to say the difference in simple words. AI helps us solve various tasks; on the other hand, Machine Learning is the subset of AI’s specific tasks. So, you can say that all Machine Learning is AI, but all AI is not machine learning.
Sep 14, 2022   |  By Nastel Technologies
Apache Kafka is a high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds. Its storage layer is in essence a massively scalable pub/sub message queue designed as a distributed transaction log. It can be used to process streams of data in real-time, building up a commit log of changes. Kafka has strong ordering guarantees that enable it to handle all sorts of dataflow patterns including very low latency messaging and efficient multicast publish / subscribe.
Sep 13, 2022   |  By Nastel Technologies
There are a few key differences between distributed tracing and OpenTelemetry. One is that OpenTelemetry offers a more unified approach to instrumentation, while distributed tracing takes a more granular approach. This means that OpenTelemetry can be less time-consuming to set up, but it doesn’t necessarily offer as much visibility into your system as distributed tracing does.
Sep 13, 2022   |  By Nastel Technologies
One of the most important ecommerce marketing tips should be to power the power of social websites. Unlike search engines, the involvement of customers on social media is definitely significantly bigger. Social media networks are a great way just for eCommerce businesses to connect with consumers, although only if they are really well-targeted..
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), are used for daily IT operations tasks and activities. AIOps supports IT Ops, DevOps, and SRE teams working smarter and faster to identify digital-service issues earlier and address them quickly, preventing disruptions to business operations and customers. This is accomplished through algorithmic analysis of IT data and Observability telemetry.
Sep 15, 2021   |  By Nastel
Frustrated with how long it takes to roll out new applications (and updates) when changes are required to messaging middleware environments? Is your team getting blamed for issues outside your control? During this short webinar and open Q&A, we will discuss.
Sep 8, 2021   |  By Nastel
This 45 minute video covers the fundamentals of MQ statistics, including architecture, setup and usage and several related use cases.
Apr 9, 2021   |  By Nastel
Nastel MSK is an option for using Apache Kafka. This introduction explains the basics of Amazon MSK and the show how in just a matter of minutes, you can be using Nastel to manage, monitor and track your Kafka usage.
Mar 25, 2021   |  By Nastel
This demo covers Custom attributes and how they can be used to display, filter and monitor data managed by Nastel.
Feb 18, 2021   |  By Nastel
This video covers some of the login improvements with Nastel Navigator 10.1. The key element is a WGS connection definition which simplifies the login for the typical Navigator user.
Feb 1, 2021   |  By Nastel
Ask the Experts and Innovators Ask the Experts and Innovators is a new content series which explores real stories of dramatic improvement in CX (customer experience), application performance, IT Operations, and DevOps as well as the cross-functional conundrums of root cause analysis (RCA) and problem resolution. Ask the Experts and Innovators is produced by Nastel Technologies.
Sep 25, 2020   |  By Nastel
An Introduction to Kafka (and why you care) for people who already understand IBM MQ presented by Richard Nikula, VP of development at Nastel Technologies
Jul 14, 2020   |  By Nastel
Nastel XRay an introduction to predictive analytics, reporting and visualization
Sep 21, 2021   |  By Nastel
IBM DataPower Gateway is the latest variant of DataPower and helps organizations meet the security and integration needs of a digital business in a single multi-channel gateway. It provides security, control, integration and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, application programming interface (API), serviceoriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads.
Sep 21, 2021   |  By Nastel
This a complex question with deep implications that touch many areas of the business including the executive team, finance, procurement and Human Resources. In this short webinar we will discuss some of the areas that must be considered and provide you with some strategic ideas to improve your business. This presentation is gleaned from the hundreds of man-years of experience our experts have had in answering this exact question.

Integration Infrastructure (i2) (middleware) is the backbone of scalable, on-premise, cloud, hybrid and composite applications. Manage, monitor, deploy and automate your middleware-powered apps through your entire business, boost productivity and overall efficiency of your administrators, developers and operations (DevOps) teams to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission critical digital services.

Deep dive into the message flows regardless of where they are, optimize latency & performance, find problems before they impact your customers. Dramatically reduce operational risk associated with delivering on your multi-cloud digital strategy by taking charge of your integration backbone.

Unified Middleware Observability, Management & Tracking:

  • Monitoring & Observability: Monitor performance, availability, topologies and message flows. See deep inside your queues, topics. Proactively catch problems, bottlenecks before they impact your digital services.
  • Configuration Management: Configure, control and deploy middleware artifacts. Keep track of changes across servers, VMs & containers using your browser.
  • Message Management & Testing: See and control all your messages across queues and topics from a central point.
  • Scheduling & Automation: Schedule and automate changes across your middleware, cloud, hybrid environments. Keep track of changes and deployed message topologies.
  • Cloud Migration: Take configuration snapshots and deploy in your cloud environment. Manage all your environments from central point.
  • Web Reporting: Detailed reporting for middleware admins, developers and the business. Keep track of KPIs and critical middleware infrastructure. Streamline capacity planning.
  • Enterprise Grade Security: Role based security with authentication and authorization from a central point.

Supports: IBM MQ, IBM IIB, IBM ACE, JMS, Tibco EMS, Apache Kafka, Active MQ and more.