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Mar 4, 2021   |  By Keboola
Running an eCommerce without analytics is like driving a car blindfolded. Sure, you will go places, but one wrong stir and you might crash. In this article, we look at the best eCommerce analytic tools that help you run your online shop in 2021. This will not be your usual listicle.
Feb 25, 2021   |  By Keboola
According to the European Banking Authority report on Advanced Analytics and Big Data in banking, the implementation of data technologies, infrastructure, and practices is still at “an early stage”. The game is on for early contenders in this winner-takes-most market. Banks that move quickly are likely to get ahead of the curve, grabbing more of the market pie before others rise to the challenge.
Feb 22, 2021   |  By Keboola
Supply chain 4.0 is reshaping the global value chains. Advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and autonomous robotics are transforming the model of supply chain management. Data is being produced, collected, analyzed, and productized at speeds and scales which were unimaginable a decade ago. The race to capitalize on the value of supply chain 4.0 is on.
Feb 16, 2021   |  By Keboola
There are over 300 SaaS applications that help you automate your data operations. In this crowd of potential solutions, how do you narrow it down to the winning horse? Here we compare three top contenders for your data operations: from data ingestion, via ETL to full data management, we compare side-by-side Fivetran, Stitch, and Keboola to shed light on their respective strengths and weaknesses. Fivetran, Stitch, and Keboola are all cloud-based data platforms.
Feb 15, 2021   |  By Keboola
Fraud comes in different forms, from client-facing credit card fraud to internal fraudsters twisting the loan portfolio. Banks (and other financial institutions) need to stay vigilant and act fast to prevent the loss of both money and reputation that follows each fraudulent incident. Fraud is expensive, but fraud prevention, detection and remediation can also be costly.
Feb 11, 2021   |  By Keboola
The cloud is all the rage right now. The tech giants like Amazon and Google are almost exclusively focusing on cloud technologies. The small companies migrate to the cloud faster than birds fly south for the winter. So, what is so wrong with keeping your app and data on an on-premise server, safely locked in one of your offices?
Feb 9, 2021   |  By Keboola
Productboard is a customer-driven product management system, which enables companies to leverage customer feedback and data insights to fuel innovation, and ultimately, deliver products that customers will love. For a few years, the company worked with data consulting agencies, but things weren't working out. Productboard was using Keboola, but they weren't sure how to get the most out of it.
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Keboola
Transportation and logistics companies generate and consume more data than almost every other industry. Despite this, they still find themselves lagging behind other B2B verticals in their ability to turn a profit from data. With thinning profit margins and new contenders entering the logistics industry, the only way to outperform other companies is through brain, not brawn. Logistics analytics offers the edge over the competition.
Jan 26, 2021   |  By Keboola
The world produces more data than it can consume. Every minute, we watch more than 5 million videos and send over 200 million messages and emails. You read that right. Every. Single. Minute. Companies that want to tap into data-driven decision-making to dominate their competition need to collect the vast amounts of data produced and extract valuable insights using data analysis. But data collection can be extremely challenging.
Jan 18, 2021   |  By Keboola
Data is produced and consumed at volumes and speeds which were unimaginable just a decade ago.Top players have taken advantage of this growth. Tapping into data resources for actionable insights - aptly called the new oil - makes data-driven companies dominate their competition. But the proliferation of data can lead to growing pains. Companies find themselves increasingly incapacitated by the vast and messy nature of their in-house data.
Feb 12, 2019   |  By Team Keboola
Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 9
Feb 12, 2019   |  By Team Keboola
Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 10
Dec 14, 2018   |  By Team Keboola
Known for their delicious food, Brett Kokot and Jeff Miller talking about their experience using Keboola and how they were able to transform their processes using Keboola, Snowflake and Looker for all their data needs.
Nov 16, 2018   |  By Team Keboola
Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 8
Oct 25, 2018   |  By Team Keboola
Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 7
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Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 6
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Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 3
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Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 2
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Webinar Series "Your Customer's Journey" EP 1
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Christina Hammond-Aziz speaking at Data Festival London

Keboola is a cloud based data platform that helps clients combine, enhance and publish crucial information for their internal analytics projects and data products.

We significantly reduce or eliminate:

  • Time spent on repetitive maintenance tasks.
  • Long adoption and learning curves with outdated systems and processes.
  • Tedious and drawn-out menial responsibilities which detract from efficiency.

Building on knowledge already plentifully available in the market such as SQL and R, we are able to achieve unparalleled Time to Value with our implementations. Many of our customers are completely self-serving from the inception of their project.

Let us show you what your company has been missing.