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Mar 5, 2021   |  By Alex
You do your best to provide outstanding customer service. You work hard, follow best practices, and go the extra mile to try and deliver a positive customer service experience. But how do you know if it’s working? To really understand what your customers think about your company, you’ll have to ask them. That’s where customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys come in. Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to find out how you’re doing — and how you can do even better.
Mar 4, 2021   |  By simon johnson
Too many customer experience initiatives don’t even get their business case approved. Why is that? Usually because the business case is just weak. It lacks a clear focus on measurable deliverables that will have a positive financial impact on the business. To make the board invest in your CX business case you must show how the initiative will do one, two, or all of the following.
Mar 1, 2021   |  By daniel breston
February 2020: remember the date because this was when the world finally agreed that the only way to survive was by adopting technology whole-heartedly. Collaboration for designing and delivering the vaccine needed to quell COVID19, or for family time, or to ensure your business was sustainable. Welcome to the 4th Humanity Revolution with technology as the engine and attitude and behavior changes as drivers of the innovation culture.
Feb 28, 2021   |  By Alex
Like most business leaders, you want your company to provide a great customer service experience. You hope to respond quickly, have positive interactions with your customers, and give them the solutions they need. However, with customers being higher expectations than ever, and customer support teams being understaffed, this is easier said than done. If you’re wondering how to improve customer service in this salutation, then look no further.
Feb 24, 2021   |  By John Kelly
We know that companies have been trying to persuade customers to use self-service for at least the past ten years, with mixed success. Now due to the pandemic it is being adopted at unprecedented rates according to the Boston Consultancy Group. So how do we encourage customers to carry on using self-service portals when life returns to ‘normal’?
Feb 23, 2021   |  By Asif Ahmed
If you have worked on building user interfaces for a large project, you would probably have learned the importance of component libraries. They contain a set of ready-to-use components that help you build UI fast and also maintain consistency across the entire project. Building a consistent and seamless user experience is hard. This is where component libraries can help.
Feb 23, 2021   |  By Akshaya Srikanth
In a world that is so technologically-driven, having the right customer support tools is essential to delivering great customer service, keeping employee health in check, and gaining an edge over your competitors. With the range of support tools available today — one for shared inbox, one for bug tracking, another one to allow for inter-team collaboration, and yet another one for project management — how do you identify the tools that you really need?
Feb 22, 2021   |  By Vishnu Prasad
Remote team management has always been different for team managers and leaders. Not just challenging, but different. Not having the luxury to rub shoulders often and not having the liberty to have the entire team under one roof has compelled leaders to acquire new and innovative approaches to remote leadership. And while leadership styles and management approaches are ever-evolving, there are some core principles of effective remote team management that team leaders can stick to.
Feb 19, 2021   |  By Sampriti S. Roy
“A design system acts as the connective tissue that holds together your entire platform.” —Drew Bridewell, Design Specialist Digital solutions are increasingly becoming more intricate with the rise in customer expectations, and product and design teams are transforming their approach to design—experimenting with style guides and pattern libraries—in order to create inclusive design systems that all users can appreciate.
Feb 18, 2021   |  By Alex
To win over today’s customers, delivering good customer service alone is not enough. You also need to create a great customer service experience. Customer service experience is defined as the overall experience a customer has interacting with your company throughout their journey. Brands like Zappos and Amazon are loved by their customers for the memorable customer service experiences they deliver.
Feb 3, 2021   |  By Freshworks
Freshworks Neo is a modern, flexible, and intelligent platform that powers all the products in the Freshworks portfolio with enterprise-grade services and provides powerful out-of-the-box capabilities to our customers, partners, and developers.
Dec 8, 2020   |  By Freshworks
With the brand new Omni Apps, developers can start building apps that can run in multiple products. Today this facility is available with Freshsales and Freshworks CRM.
Dec 3, 2020   |  By Freshworks
Freshdesk is a customer service and engagement platform that brings people and bots together to delight customers at every touchpoint across all channels. Freshdesk empowers businesses to monitor customer conversations across email, phone, chat, social media and instant messaging, improve agent productivity with smart automations, deliver better self-service experiences with AI-chatbots and branded help centers, and monitor key performance metrics with powerful analytics. Freshdesk is used by 40,000 businesses across the globe to make customer service their competitive advantage.
Nov 30, 2020   |  By Freshworks
Ten years ago we started this company on a dream. We dreamt of building a world-class software that would revolutionize the way we think about customer engagement. Along the line, we also had another dream. To build a company that is loved by its people, to build a company where people can find their purpose and their passion. This has been a dream worth dreaming, this has truly been a dream where all of us have come together and found our purpose, our passion, and our dreams coming together.
Aug 31, 2020   |  By Freshworks
Startups go through several near-death experiences in their lifetime. Success is not a given and the odds are against us. In this talk, Girish Mathrubootham, the founder and CEO of Freshworks Inc will share the odds that Freshworks tackled on its way to becoming a $3.5 billion company with 200,000 customers worldwide.
Jun 11, 2020   |  By Freshworks
Freshworks smart e-commerce solutions will help you knock the right doors and put your business in front of your customers. Change the game by connecting with your customers and supporting via platforms like Whatsapp, Social media, iMessage, and many more. Let’s make E-Commerce FRESH again.
Jun 1, 2020   |  By Freshworks
SaaS veterans, Girish Mathrubootham (Founder & CEO - Freshworks), Suresh Sambandam (CEO - Kissflow) and Krish Subramanian (Co-Founder & CEO - Chargebee) talk about the current scenario of work with the threat of Covid-19 and how B2B product companies can go back to normalcy in the coming days.
May 29, 2020   |  By Freshworks
Learn from AWS expert, Morris to find out how you can use Amazon EventBridge to power your Event Driven architecture within Freshdesk and own AWS Infrastructure.
May 23, 2020   |  By Freshworks
Freshdesk - An integrated customer engagement platform
Aug 9, 2019   |  By Freshworks
Uncomplicate by Freshworks brings you crisp and insightful videos which will focus on answering one tactical question around sales & marketing, support & collaboration, employee engagement, and growth.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
In this whitepaper, we discuss, for those businesses, the advantages a helpdesk has over email and lay out just how easy it can be to win customer love.
Aug 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
This is a sneak-peek of all the things that are in store for you in this guide. By the end of this guide, you should have answers to these questions: What is an online helpdesk and why do I need one? What kind of online helpdesk is best for my business? ITSM or customer support? Hosted or on-premise? How do I put together a feature list? What if I have no idea what I need?
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
The key to winning in today’s ‘Age of the Customer’ centres on the staging of hyper-personalized, meaningful experiences throughout the entire omnichannel customer journey. To achieve this requires an integrated customer-excellence vision that bridges the divide between the physical and digital worlds.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
To the outside world, customer service agents are the face of any business. They influence how people perceive brands and are directly responsible for the retention and churn rates for any organisation. This is not an easy responsibility to shoulder, especially if you’re new to the industry.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
When 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them, you have to make sure that your strategy, and tool, are top notch. Here's a collection of best practices, drawn from our conversations with customers, to help you improve your agents' productivity and win customer love.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Freshworks
What do you do to make sure your customers remain loyal to you? You need to earn your customer's trust and also keep it. How important is it? History shows how well known brands have ignored their customers and suffered for it.

Freshworks Inc. is the parent company behind the suite of products which includes Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshsales, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshchat, and Freshmarketer. The company’s suite of products is designed to work tightly together to increase collaboration and help teams better connect and communicate with their customers and co-workers.

Founded in October 2010, Freshworks Inc. is backed by Accel, Tiger Global Management, CapitalG, and Sequoia Capital India. Freshworks has its HQ in San Bruno, California and global offices in India, UK, Australia, and Germany. The company's cloud-based suite of SaaS products is widely used by over 150,000 customers around the world including Honda, Bridgestone, Hugo Boss, University of Pennsylvania, Toshiba and Cisco.