Forseti Security

Aug 28, 2018

Open-source security tools for GCP:

  • Keep track of your environment: Take inventory snapshots of your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources on a recurring cadence so that you always have a history of what was in your cloud.
  • Monitor your policies: Scan your GCP resources to ensure that access controls are set as you intended and protected against unsafe changes.
  • Enforce rules: Ensure the safest settings are in place for your most sensitive GCP resources.
  • Understand your policies: Gain visibility into your Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) policies and answer key questions about who has what access to which resources.

May 21, 2018   |  By Brett Curtis
A while back I wrote up a post on the quick install of Forseti Security. I had a chance to mess around with the 2.0 version and wanted to note a few things down here and talk about how I’m trying out the idea of Security Policy as Code.
Dec 9, 2017   |  By Brett Curtis
Forseti Security is open source security tool built for Google Cloud Platform. It can keep track of your environment, monitor your policies and even enforce in the future. The install is pretty simple since it’s contained within a Deployment Manager template.
Sep 15, 2017   |  By Gianluca Brindisi and Others
Being able to secure your cloud resources at scale is important for all Google Cloud Platform users. To help ensure the security of GCP resources, you need to have the right tools and processes in place.
Jul 26, 2018   |  By Google Cloud Platform
Learn how to work with Forseti, Google's open source security toolset, to monitor your policies and help keep you secure and compliant.