Jul 23, 2018

With EasyMorph business users and data experts automate complex data transformations and routine or repetitive tasks. No knowledge of SQL or programming is required — designing is 100% visual. EasyMorph is optimized for non-technical users that would like to reduce their dependency on corporate IT departments, and spend less time on tedious data-related tasks.

Data transformation with more clarity, less effort.

May 6, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
Version 3.8 has been released and is available for downloading on our web-site. Here is an overview of the most notable changes.
Apr 19, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
TORONTO, April 19, 2018 — EasyMorph Inc., a provider of self-service data preparation software for non-technical business users, announced record growth in its first quarter ending March 31, 2018.
Jan 22, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
With version 3.7.1 we continue expanding the automation capabilities in EasyMorph together with making data transformation more convenient.
Dec 25, 2017   |  By EasyMorph
With almost 100 transformations (as of ver.3.7), EasyMorph is already well positioned for the new reality as it combines comprehensive data transformation features with certain elements of automation. However, we're doing a step further and doubling down on the automation capabilities in EasyMorph.
Dec 18, 2017   |  By EasyMorph
Spaces - Previously all users could access all Server tasks as well as files in the public folder. Starting from this release EasyMorph Server introduces spaces in order to offer more granularity and control in managing access to tasks and files.
Nov 21, 2017   |  By EasyMorph
A brief introduction to EasyMorph that explains the user interface and shows basic operations such as Importing a file, querying a database, merging two tables and calculating/modifying a column.
Oct 12, 2017   |  By EasyMorph
Short video that demonstrates uploading and downloading files to EasyMorph Server using a web-browser.