Aug 15, 2018

Databox is an app that serves as a personal data assistant, helping business users pay attention to what matters, when it matters. From a morning briefing that makes sure you start the day knowing where you stand and how you’re progressing towards your goals, to smart alerts throughout the week that let you know when something needs your attention, Databox makes sure you’re never in the dark about the data that matters most to you. With Databox, you can focus on driving results -- not putting out fires.

Aug 3, 2018   |  By Dann Albright
Predict and measure the ROI of your next website redesign by following this 11-step playbook, compiled from dozens of experts.
Jul 26, 2018   |  By Eddie Shleyner
Databox polled dozens of marketers and salespeople to find out which one does a better job at generating leads, qualifying prospects, and ultimately closing sales.
Jul 23, 2018   |  By Jayson DeMers
These are manual, yet proven, link building techniques that can help you improve your domain authority while growing and sustaining organic website traffic.
Jul 19, 2018   |  By Remington Begg
In this episode of Data Snacks, Remington Begg of Impulse Creative shares how to leverage your analytics to increase the traffic and leads on your website.
Jun 27, 2018   |  By Aiza Coronado
Here’s how one SaaS company uses Trello across its sales, marketing, customer success, and engineering teams to improve every stage of their funnel.
Jan 31, 2018   |  By Databox
The Datablock Library from Databox allows you to quickly pull all of the most popular metrics from 60+ sources into your dashboards.
Mar 6, 2017   |  By Databox
Databox is business analytics KPI dashboard. It gathers all your metrics in one place and helps you deliver the crucial KPIs across multiple devices. Databox makes sure the data that matters the most to you is always available, wherever you are.
Nov 9, 2016   |  By Databox
The Databox Designer allows you to build custom data visualizations with just a few clicks. Don't worry. No coding is required.