Istanbul, Turkey
Sep 3, 2018   |  By Burak Çayır
User Account Control (UAC) is a fundamental component of Microsoft's overall security vision. UAC helps mitigate the impact of malware. Each app that requires the administrator access token must prompt for consent. The one exception is the relationship between parent and child processes. Child processes inherit the user's access to the parent process. Both the parent and child processes, however, must have the same integrity level.
Jul 16, 2018   |  By CRYPTTECH
CRYPTOSPOT 2.0.6 stable version has been released. As CRYPTTECH we release 3-4 stable / main versions per year for our CRYPTOSPOT product. For version 2.0.6, we focused mainly on URL filtering and user authorization customizations. You can find the release notes below.
Apr 20, 2018   |  By CRYPTTECH
CRYPTTECH attended the United Kingdom Trade Delegation to receive on-site information on regulations in the U.K., how Brexit will be affecting and the GDPR in general between 15 – 18th April, 2018.
Mar 27, 2018   |  By CRYPTTECH
Major innovations always require technological and / or intellectual development. The solution to some basic problems of crypto money applications is in a sense combined with a whole new point of view of many previously tried methods. One of these innovations is the block chain, which offers many field applications.
May 7, 2018   |  By CRYPTTECH
CRYPTTECH 2018 Tanıtım Filmi Yayında!
Apr 4, 2018   |  By CRYPTTECH
Siber Güvenlikte 12’inci yılımızı iş ortaklarımız ile birlikte kutlamak ve 2017 Başarı Ödüllerini sunmak üzere Cyber-Pi Partney Day’18 özel programımızı düzenledik.
Oct 4, 2017   |  By CRYPTTECH
CRYPTTECH, Palo Alto Networks tarafından 4 Ekim tarihinde Swissotel İstanbul'da düzenlenen "Cyber Security Summit 2017 - Siber Güvenlik Zirvesi 2017" katılımcıları arasında yer almıştır.
Sep 11, 2017   |  By CRYPTTECH
CRYPTTECH Takımı, Sapanca Soğucak Yaylası'nda düzenledikleri kamp etkinliği ile doğayla başbaşa, keyifli iki gün geçirdi.