Palo Alto, CA, USA
Dec 4, 2019   |  By Michael Kohs
Following the big launch Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), we are excited about introducing some of the key streaming products on the same platform. Apache NiFi and Apache Kafka will be added to CDP Data Hub shortly. We are introducing these capabilities first in the public cloud through CDP Data Hub before we’re adding support for CDP’s broad deployment spectrum across CDP Data Center and CDP Private Cloud.
Nov 27, 2019   |  By Manish Maheshwari
I recently presented a How-tos for Gurus series session on data modeling for big data systems. During the presentation, a number of attendees asked some very interesting questions. As many of you know, big data systems are known to have less formality around the need for structure, yet for data warehouses to continue to serve traditional use cases, modeling is still a very important function.
Nov 27, 2019   |  By David Dichmann
Over several decades we have been using data warehouses to help us gain a better understanding of our business. We started with just trying to capture the essential data, centralizing and managing everything with governance, security, integrity and more. From there we could create meaningful reports and dashboards that helped us keep score on our key performance indicators (KPIs), essentially measuring our performance against those pre-defined goals and metrics.
Nov 26, 2019   |  By Santiago Giraldo
One aspect of machine learning (ML) adoption that we see time and time again as a point of friction for enterprise organizations is how to effectively operationalize and govern ML models, ensuring transparency, continuous learning, and continuous return on investment for the business.
Nov 21, 2019   |  By Ross O'Neill
An Interview with Dr Richard Harmon, Managing Director, Financial Services, Cloudera Financial Crime is one of the biggest costs for financial institutions with recent research by Refinitiv indicating that global financial services (FS) organisations lost more than $1.4 trillion in 2018. Another Refinitiv report indicates that 97% of FS institutions believe that technology can significantly help with financial crime prevention.
Jun 28, 2018   |  By Cloudera
Enterprises require fast, cost-efficient solutions to the familiar challenges of engaging customers, reducing risk, and improving operational excellence to stay competitive. The cloud is playing a key role in accelerating time to benefit from new insights. Managed cloud services that automate provisioning, operation, and patching will be critical for enterprises to leverage the full promise of the cloud when it comes to time to value and agility.
Jun 26, 2018   |  By Cloudera
The adoption of cloud computing in the financial services sector has grown substantially in the past three years on a global basis. Diversification of risk is always a key concern for financial institutions and the seeming safety of having a single cloud provider is not being properly measured from a systemic risk and operational risk perspective.
Jun 12, 2018   |  By Cloudera
This white paper provides a reference architecture for running Enterprise Data Hub on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Topics include installation automation, automated configuration and tuning, and best practices for deployment and topology to support security and high availability.
May 17, 2018   |  By Cloudera
A cloud-based analytics platform needs to be easy, unified, and enterprise-grade to meet the demands of your business. This white paper covers how Cloudera's machine learning and analytics platform complements popular cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and enables customers to organize, process, analyze, and store data at large scale...anywhere.
May 15, 2018   |  By Cloudera
The Modern Platform for Machine Learning and Analytics Optimized for Cloud.
Dec 5, 2019   |  By Cloudera
The Cloudera Data Platform is secure by design, taking all of the hard work of installing and configuring security out of your hands. Cloudera's SDX allows users to sign in using their company's single sign on provider and have easy access to the tools and data available in CDP within the security limits of the organization. Learn how CDP is built with Enterprise-Strength security in mind.
Nov 26, 2019   |  By Cloudera
Cloudera’s Shared Data Experience (SDX) provides Enterprise-Strength security with unified governance and compliance that allows you to get insights from your data faster. SDX is not a product, but instead a design philosophy incorporated into all Cloudera products. Learn what technologies make SDX possible and how this design philosophy can empower your organization.
Oct 17, 2019   |  By Cloudera
Financial services institutions lost over $1.5 trillion in combined revenue to financial crimes in 2018, and is accelerating ever rapidly.
Oct 9, 2019   |  By Cloudera
Cloudera Edge Management (CEM) is an edge management solution made up of edge agents and an edge management hub. It manages, controls and monitors edge agents to collect data from edge devices and push intelligence back to the edge. CEM is a key part of the Cloudera DataFlow (CDF) platform.
Oct 3, 2019   |  By Cloudera
From connected consumers to connected assets and connected supply chains, data and analytics are truly re-shaping the retail landscape. Today's retailer's are using data as an asset incorporating new streaming sources of information and combining them with traditional data and channels to strengthen customer engagement, optimize the supply chain, and improve forecasting and merchandising.