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Cincinnati, OH, USA
Jun 21, 2018   |  By Binary Canary Team
Your website is one of the most important tools your business has. It's your open opportunity to connect with customers, make sales, and share important product information. As valuable a tool as your website is, that means that downtime can have an extraordinary cost. Unfortunately, all too many businesses don't find out that their website is down until they're informed by their customers—and sometimes, that comes too late to repair much of the damage done during the downtime.
May 15, 2018   |  By Binary Canary Team
You may have heard the joke about how "Somebody tripped over a power cable in the hosting center." Joking aside, a study sponsored by Emerson Network Power in 2016 showed that 22 percent of outages are caused by human error, and that percentage has remained stable for several years. (This is not counting outages caused by deliberate human action such as hacking or sabotage). Other studies put the percentage as high as 75%.
May 4, 2018   |  By Binary Canary Team
The online world has become an inherent part of modern business. There is no separating a business' website from their brand or the company email server from your customer services. Modern customers shop for everything online, even if they're going to buy or hire a service in person.

We Alert You First - to website downtime that destroys your credibility and costs you money. Downtime costs you money and damages your reputation as a trusted online provider - so if your website is worth it, let watch over your site and alert you first to downtime.

BinaryCanary offers credibility protection for websites that matter:

  • Monitor Anything: Websites, email, servers, routers & more.
  • High Frequency: 1 minute monitoring, 1,440 checks per day.
  • Global Monitoring: Monitor from multiple locations around the world.
  • No False Alarms: Unique fail safe monitoring with no false alarms.

Premium plans offer SMS notifications and many other features.