San Francisco, CA, USA
Sep 11, 2019   |  By Jessica Kerr
Lately I'm thinking about the organization of our TypeScript projects. I wonder whether it matches how other people organize theirs. Where do people put TypeScript source, and where do they put their output? So far we have everything in lib. Is that the standard? Is there a standard?
Aug 28, 2019   |  By Ryan Day
One of the biggest challenges we face as development teams is keeping our code and development processes current and consistent. Outdated dependencies, container images, or delivery pipelines pose significant risk. Being vigilant over your code, configuration and development practices is hard because there are so many aspects to manage. Toiling at trying to keep things up-to-date takes you away from building and shipping and wears away at the soul.
Aug 22, 2019   |  By Rod Johnson
The monolith is crumbling. Most organizations are moving from a small number of large applications to a large number of relatively small applications. Benefits include the ability to deploy small pieces of functionality without a risky big bang and the ability to experiment with new technologies with limited risk. But every advance creates new problems. All those repositories are hard to keep track of. Most organizations lack understanding of what technologies they're using and how.
Aug 21, 2019   |  By David Dooling
Cloud computing and containers have taught IT people a lot about the differences between pets and cattle. Pets are named and cared for. Cattle are numbered and disposable. We are told that we should treat our application instances like cattle. Give them random names, kill them when they are sick, replace them when they die, get more when we need them, and euthanize them when we don't.
Jul 31, 2019   |  By Christian Dupuis
When working with our customers, we frequently get questions around integrating Atomist into an existing Jenkins-based CI/CD environment: How does Atomist relate to Jenkins? How can we use Jenkins to do builds and use Atomist for the broad, holistic orchestration of our delivery flows? How can we bring Jenkins pipelines into an actionable and collaborative ChatOps model?
Feb 21, 2019   |  By Atomist
In this originally-live-streamed session, Jess shows her friend Avdi what Atomist is, and some of the things she loves about it. In the end, they work on one of Jess's software delivery machines, find a problem, and fix a funny bug in a library.
Nov 8, 2018   |  By Atomist

Apr 25, 2018   |  By Atomist
Atomist Founders Rod Johnson and Ryan Day explain the Atomist Software Delivery Machine and how it dramatically improves software delivery, providing visibility and control in one place.