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How businesses use automated business monitoring

One of the big trends we’ve seen this year is organizations going direct to consumer. Manufacturers who sold through retail outlets are moving online, and as a result a huge amount of digital transformation is occurring. A customer of ours has done exactly that. Kyowa is a Japanese cosmetics and health food company and they’ve moved from retail to going online and digital and Yellowfin has been a significant part of that journey.

Turbocharge Your Application With Contextual Analytics Webinar - Yellowfin BI

Innovate your application and create highly valuable analytic experiences for your end-users with contextual analytics. Contextual analytics, as the next phase of embedded, brings dashboards, automated analysis and analytics directly into your application’s core workflows delivering data directly within the user interface and within the transaction flow. By seamlessly blending analytics and actions, improve both your app’s core functionality and enable opportunities for exciting new analytical experiences for your users - and improve the value of your application.

Doing business in Japan during COVID-19

The way that people do business in Japan has radically changed as a result of COVID-19. Historically, the Japanese are very much about face to face relationship selling where you establish relationships and build trust. But now everything has to be done remotely or online. Like everyone else, the Japanese are really keen to keep doing business so they've actually embraced the remote way of doing things which has been quite interesting to watch and had some unexpected benefits.